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1974 – Guildford pub bombing by the IRA leaves 5 dead and 65 injured.

The Provisional Irish Republican Army detonated two 6-pound gelignite bombs at two pubs in Guildford, England. The pubs were targeted because they were popular with British Army personnel. 409 more words

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'Social impact bond' a first for Canadian schools

Ashantay McKenzie-Missens came back to her old school to vouch for it.

She’s now studying at Luther College High School, but she spent three good years at Regina’s Mother Teresa Middle School, which she called “amazing.” 493 more words

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Research - Symbolism and Portraiture

Research Symbolism / Portraiture

Symbolism in photography allows us to move our communication made through an image from the purely denotative to the connotative too.  Paul Hill writes, that “there is no point in espousing the cause of political awareness if photographers and photography users do not understand the significance of the images in the first place” (P115, Hill, P, 1982, Approaching Photography). 214 more words

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Approaching Photography

By Paul Hill

An interesting book which is easy to digest, it concentrates on how the camera sees and how we see, both visually and artistically. 33 more words

2014 – Author and activist, Gerry Conlon died of cancer, aged 60.

“I have been in prison for something I did not do. I am totally innocent. The Maguire Seven are innocent. Let’s hope the Birmingham Six are freed.”

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Agriculture Place opening a milestone for Regina's downtown revitalization

The official opening of Agriculture Place marks a milestone in the rebirth of Regina’s downtown, which began with the development of Cornwall Centre in the late 1970s, according to Paul Hill, president, CEO and chairman of The Hill Companies, which built the $60-million, 11-storey office building at 1820 Hamilton St. 528 more words

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