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As Trump Hugs GOP Orthodoxy, Orthodox GOPers Run Away

So, to recap Donald Trump’s Monday:

Never Trump finally found a candidate to run as an independent, conservative alternative to Trump, whose name you’ve probably already forgotten but who could conceivably make his path to the White House even narrower than it already is. 864 more words

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Exciting News From The Trump Campaign!

Trump’s cabinet continues to fill. So in addition to Ivanka

Q: Speaking of Governor LePage, do you foresee any space in your cabinet for him and if so what would you like him to do?

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2016 Goat Rodeo

Donald Trump Blames Immigration Policy For Boston Marathon Bombers

PORTLAND, Maine (CBS/AP) — Republican Donald Trump paid another visit to Maine hoping to shift the focus back to his message.

Trump blasted US immigration policies at a town hall-style meeting Thursday afternoon at Merrill Auditorium in Portland saying it made it possible for the Boston Marathon bombers to get into the country. 402 more words


"Just Ask Me To Leave, You Don’t Have To Impeach Me": LePage Receives Plenty Of Letters Asking For His Resignation

Last summer, with the possibility of impeachment hanging over his head, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) appeared on a radio show and said he’s prepared to give up his office – under the right conditions. 353 more words


Looking To Maine's Future; The Needs Of The People

This past week, I had the privilege and honor to attend the biennial Maine AFL-CIO Committee on Political Action (COPE) Convention in Auburn.  As noted by Cynthia Phinney, President of the Executive Board, the upcoming election in November will again be one where the attack on workers and unions will be unrelenting. 1,440 more words

Another Unsavory Politician ... LePage

In recent months, I have written about a number of politicians either currently or formerly in office, who defy the norms of dignity, fairness, impartiality and legality (Louis Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Dennis Hastert, to name just a few).  1,284 more words

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"Anecdotes With Made-Up Details": Maine’s LePage Fails To Defend The Indefensible

It was the sort of story that made Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) look so awful, he managed to even surprise his critics. In mid-April, the far-right governor… 385 more words