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"Paul 'Rage LePage', You Don’t Have To Impeach Me": GOP Governor To Voters; 'Just Ask Me To Leave'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), among his many other legislative problems, is facing the possibility of impeachment as part of an abuse-of-power scandal. In an unexpected twist, the Tea Party governor has said impeachment may be unnecessary – because he’s willing to resign from office. 281 more words


Behold, hundreds of authoritarian dumbasses

I saw this:

…and my second thought (my first thought was dismay at the results — 56 percent want the War on Drugs to be… 201 more words


Failing LiberPublican Settles for Vermont

Wow, what a get.

The Vermont Republican Party today announced that U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul will keynote a fundraiser on Monday, August 31, 2015.

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Vermont Republican Party

"Maine Court Smacks Down GOP Governor": Caught Abusing His Power, Gov. Paul LePage Is In A World Of Trouble

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is in a world of trouble, which may even lead to his impeachment, after the far-right governor was caught abusing his power… 398 more words


"America’s Craziest Governor": Just When Things Couldn’t Get Worse For Paul LePage…

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is caught up in a doozy of a controversy. As regular readers know, a Maine charter school recently hired state House Speaker Mark Eves (D), but LePage, a fierce opponent of Democratic legislators, threatened the school – either fire Eves or the governor would cut off the school’s state funding. 466 more words


Cold Case Files: No answers, No justice, No closure.

Maine families deserve answers, justice and closure.

By L.M.Morse

Maine is in a political debate of budgets and funding.   One of the bills up for debate is… 723 more words


I think I know what Paul LePage is up to

As I watched Maine’s current governor stalk through a first term and now part of a second term, disregarding the will of both the Maine legislature and the good people of Maine, often with sneering contempt, I just couldn’t figure out what motivated him. 467 more words

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