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Why Republican Governors Will Run Against Obama Again

President Barack Obama killed the Keystone XL Pipeline. That doesn’t mean Republicans are ready to let it die.

As the Republican Governors Association met for two days on the Las Vegas Strip, state leaders continued to hammer Obama’s… 481 more words

"Dated And Bizarre Attitudes": Maine’s LePage; 'That’s Like Giving My Wife My Checkbook'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is already facing an abuse-of-power scandal that may lead to his impeachment, which might lead a typical governor to take steps to bolster his or her statewide support. 356 more words

Women's Rights

JOBS: Perpetuating the north, south divide hurts all of Maine — Opinion — Bangor Daily News

Perpetuating the north, south divide hurts all of Maine . Posted Oct. 25, 2015, at 10:42 a.m.

Maine is a small state, off the radar of much of the rest of the United States. 118 more words


"Maine’s GOP Governor Faces Intensifying Scandal": Paul 'Rage LePage' Playing The Role Of A Mobster

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is caught up in a scandal that’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

To briefly recap, a Maine charter school hired state House Speaker Mark Eves (D) for a top position, but LePage, a fierce opponent of Democratic legislators, threatened the school – either fire Eves or the governor would cut off the school’s state funding. 397 more words


... You Have to be KIdding [#food stamps][#luxury assets]...

.. we once had good welfare reform law ..

.. unfortunately , we now have the Age of Obama . Even the states , yes , even the GOP – led states , are taking off on monkeyshines of food stamp eligibility and waivers … 264 more words

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NPR understands the difference between Republican and Democrat...do YOU?

Here is the link to this article; if you want to read the comments click the link. Below is the text and other links for you to read. 1,172 more words


"Paul 'Rage LePage', You Don’t Have To Impeach Me": GOP Governor To Voters; 'Just Ask Me To Leave'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), among his many other legislative problems, is facing the possibility of impeachment as part of an abuse-of-power scandal. In an unexpected twist, the Tea Party governor has said impeachment may be unnecessary – because he’s willing to resign from office. 281 more words