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Can we talk about how @RuPaulLePage is a thing now?

At least on Twitter anyway. Seriously. We were wondering why it took so long for someone to figure that one out, with so many other possible punny names. 70 more words


Narcan, cigarettes, and malarkey

I saw this:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said people who aren’t old enough to buy cigarettes shouldn’t have access to the overdose antidote naloxone at pharmacies.

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Last Night, Maine Voted to Expand Medicaid. Today, Maine’s Governor Says He Won’t Do It.

Maine residents voted overwhelmingly to expand the state’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, approving a ballot measure on the issue by a whopping 18-point margin. 114 more words


On Voting and Paul LePage

Tuesday’s a big day, in the sense that each opportunity the Democrats have to rebalance and ever-shifting electoral map constitutes a big day. There’s a sick voyeurism to the proceedings, if you’re not in a major state like Virginia, New Jersey, or Alabama: In North Carolina, for example, I’ll only be voting on a new mayor and city council. 1,019 more words


For the Seventh Year in a Row, Maine's Least-Popular Halloween Costume Is Sexy Paul LePage

Bangor — According to consumer trend analysts, Mainers still aren’t embracing pre-made Sexy Paul LePage costumes for their Halloween parties. 146 more words

Maine Lawmakers Say They Need More Time to 'Really Fuck Up' Legalized Marijuana Laws

Augusta — Maine politicians are seeking more time to write laws ensuring they do a really bad job with retail marijuana sales in the state. 184 more words

A Productive Rant About Special Education.

I have mentioned a few times how I am an Education Technician at an early-intervention, Kindergarten-readiness preschool. What I really haven’t expanded on is my passion and advocacy for Special Education. 344 more words

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