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"America’s Craziest Governor": Just When Things Couldn’t Get Worse For Paul LePage…

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) is caught up in a doozy of a controversy. As regular readers know, a Maine charter school recently hired state House Speaker Mark Eves (D), but LePage, a fierce opponent of Democratic legislators, threatened the school – either fire Eves or the governor would cut off the school’s state funding. 466 more words


Cold Case Files: No answers, No justice, No closure.

Maine families deserve answers, justice and closure.

By L.M.Morse

Maine is in a political debate of budgets and funding.   One of the bills up for debate is… 723 more words


I think I know what Paul LePage is up to

As I watched Maine’s current governor stalk through a first term and now part of a second term, disregarding the will of both the Maine legislature and the good people of Maine, often with sneering contempt, I just couldn’t figure out what motivated him. 467 more words

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"A Stunningly Adacious, Inveterate Liar": Why A New Jersey Puffer Fish Should Not Be President

When Mitt Romney’s campaign was investigating potential choices to be his 2012 running mate, they gave each prospect a fish-themed code name, such as Lake Fish, Filet-O-Fish, etc. 615 more words


"The Idiot Thug Running Maine": Maine’s Ultra-Conservative Governor May Have Finally Messed With The Wrong People

Last week, members of the Maine legislature’s Government Oversight Committee unanimously called for an investigation into Tea Party Governor Paul LePage. At question is whether or not he inappropriately—and potentially illegally—abused his control over the state’s budget to force a charter school to fire a political opponent. 1,627 more words


"Paul LePage Is Facing Impeachment": Why The Tea Party Hero’s Luck May Have Finally Run Out

Even among the gaggle of hopping mad reactionaries swept into power by 2010’s Tea Party wave, the unbridled anger of Paul LePage, the former businessman who is currently in his second term as Maine’s governor, has always allowed him to stand out. 793 more words