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Foodie or Not Foodie . . . That is the Question

I have a question for you, and it’s a straightforward one.

Are you a foodie?

Now before you go working yourself up into an excited tizzy, wielding your tender and juicy duck confit like it’s a vicious sword, allow me to take a couple of steps backward for a moment. 1,018 more words


Warnings to Followers of Calvin and Calvinists

Phillip Jensen of Sydney recorded a very useful interview about Calvin and Calvinism with Matt Perkins of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London. Calvin was a Bible man first and so was able teach the complexity of the Bible truth, whereas many Calvinists go to their simplistic systems first and are more interested in defending their systems. 1,330 more words


Not Running a Hospital: S(uch) S(trange) M(edicine)

Former hospital CEO Paul Levy blasts SSM Healthcare of St. Louis for violating their own stated values of excellence and stewardship with their bizarre, feckless, and baseless promotion of unscientific screenings. 91 more words

Clinical Medicine

CCD Report Shows Strong Housing Market In Philadelphia

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – According to a new report released earlier this week, Philadelphia’s housing market is holding strong.

Paul Levy, president of the Center City District, says his organization’s annual housing report shows exponentially increasing growth in Philadelphia: 128 more words


The Collusion of Mediocrity

In the latest podcast on the Trainer Tools site I interview writer and L&D specialist Paul Levy about his model “The Collusion of Mediocrity”

This concept is an interesting way of looking at the role of L&D in general, and the trainer in particular, and asking the question “what are we here to achieve?” 186 more words

Learning & Development

The Collusion of Mediocrity

In the second episode of Trainer Tools, I talk to Paul Levy about his “Collusion of Mediocrity” concept.

This is an idea that can be used with both the Consultant and Facilitator aspects of the job, and is about pushing for real change in performance as a result of training interventions. 92 more words

Training Delivery

Alfred Lambremont Webre - Paul Levy: Our Wetiko (Archonic) malignant egophrenia mass epidemic can destroy or awaken humanity

Published on Jan 19, 2015

NOTE: You can access more background and links while you listen to the interview at this article. Thank you. ;-) Where does evil come from? 19 more words