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Funko Friday: Robocop

It’s Friday night, and I’m kicking off the weekend with another entry in my weekly toy series, Funko Friday, as I batten down the hatches for the impending blizzard. 398 more words


Leonard Betts

AKA, the guy who eats cancer, and a terrible foreshadowing!

The titular Leonard is played by Paul McCrane, who I believe around the same time started his run as the jackass surgeon who secretly had the heart of gold, Dr. 300 more words

Robocop (1987) Review

They don’t make movies like Robocop anymore. They tried and failed to capture the classic, original magic of the 1987 film and after watching the debut of Robocop, you can see why. 578 more words


The (Un)necessary Remake Dept. - Fame

Fame (1980)

Generally speaking, for me watching a musical is like going to the dentist:  I just know at some point it’s going to hurt.  I may not know when, or in some instances even how, but pain is pretty much a given. 300 more words