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Twins Need Young Pitchers To Step Forward In 2017

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — If the Minnesota Twins are going to rebound from a 2016 season marked by a club-record 103 losses, they need their youngest starting pitchers to take the next step in their progression this spring. 466 more words


MN Twins: RIP

I’ve been putting off writing this post for two reasons: Firstly, my Minnesota Twins had such an awful year (worst ever) that it’s just too depressing to even think about (let alone write about). 1,382 more words


Elegy for the 2016 Season

So… I guess we didn’t know the way out.  Or, we did, and we just couldn’t find it this time.

Baseball has no denouements.  For a sport often criticized for its length and occasionally languid pace, individual games and entire seasons can end in a slice of time scarcely more measurable than the duration of a blink:  the snap of a glove closing over a futile pop-up, a batted ball striking a plastic seat perched over the left-field fence.   1,182 more words


Boggs and Gwynn chase milestone (1999)

SAN DIEGO — Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs insist they are not in a race for 3,00 hits. But if they were, a dead heat would be just fine. 1,241 more words


My Top Five Favorite Toronto Blue Jays of All Time

Hey baseball fans!

The Blue Jays are on to the ALCS! So yes, I may have messed up that prediction. Nonetheless, congrats to the city of Toronto on being one step closer to getting to the World Series. 384 more words

NFC North And "Corresponding" Baseball

The NFC North has one definite “corresponding” baseball tournament and one with a possible tournament entry.

Chicago with the NFL Bears has two baseball teams and while the White Sox will not be in the tournament, the Cubs have baseball’s best record, will almost certainly be the N.L. 159 more words

Brewers DH leaders through the years

The Brewers entered this weekend with a three-game series against the American League’s Seattle Mariners in Seattle. That meant that the team would be utilizing the designated hitter in their line-up during these games. 342 more words