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What Is Deep Learning? Part I: Seminal Texts

The association of the word deep with the word learning is pervasive in higher education: it is ubiquitous in the research literature, it crops up in the delivery of teaching courses, in conversations  about learning effectiveness and in institutional consultation and policy documents.  1,589 more words

Deep Learning

Diana Laurillard, Teaching as a Design Science (Routledge, 2012)

I’m categorising this post as a review, but in what follows, rather than trying to summarise Laurillard’s wide-ranging achievements, I try to distil the heart of the book – the underlying principles upon which its vision of and suggestions for pedagogy rest. 1,111 more words

Higher Education

Escaping the tyranny of contact hours

Click on the link below to read my feature critical of “contact hours” and the government’s latest sport of infantilising the student experience. It appeared in the Times Higher on Thursday 11 August 2011.  22 more words

Paul Ramsden

What the audience thinks

If you’re wondering about whether to hire me as a speaker, you might like to read some comments on my presentation last month at the Inside Government Forum on the Student Experience in London. 334 more words

Paul Ramsden

White Paper recommendations dissected

The White Paper has been so thoroughly trashed in the dead tree press as well as on the interwebby that there isn’t much left to demolish. 1,433 more words

Paul Ramsden

Off-White Paper

It was a hard act to beat, but the recent White Paper succeeds. It’s even duller than the last one. Full of compromise, weasel words and bluster; lacking character, factual accuracy and vision. 173 more words

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