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Republicans Have an Alternative to ObamaCare in Choice HealthCare Act...No Mandate (TAX) Involved

More liberal lies exposed.

From WFB:

Despite claims to the contrary by Democrats and the media, Republicans in Congresss have a concrete alternative to ObamaCare.

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Paul Ryan Points Out That Obama's Birth Control Mandate Reversal Is An Accounting Trick

As we have come to learn, Obama loves to use accounting tricks to fool the weak-minded among us (Stimulus, Omnibus, ObamaCare and all his budgets). Listen to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius talk about the abortion accounting tricks in this video: 158 more words

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Geithner: Republicans Leaders told White House they will vote to raise Debt Ceiling

Turncoats. If Republicans agee to raise the debt ceiling, they deserve to be voted out. Only thing worse than a Democrat is a RINO.

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CBO Attacks Paul Ryan's Budget within hours of it's release

Non-partisan my ass.

From the water carriers at the AP:

WASHINGTON – Most future retirees would pay considerably more for health care under the new budget proposed by House Republicans, …

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