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Sharpening a moulding plane iron.

I have a handful of moulding planes:  a pair of hollow/round, a few beading planes, as well as a few joinery planes such as a dado, rabbet, and shoulder plane. 485 more words


Bits and pieces

This post is a bit of a hodgepodge, just an update of what has been going on recently. First of all: The Biltong Slicer. I delivered it to my friend and it is fair to say that he was tickled pink. 881 more words


Tool Chest by Paul Sellers Part 1

Having collected some hand tools, mainly planes and spokeshaves, I needed a place to put them other than the tool well. Where was I to go, I tried to find one, but the plastic cases at the big box stores had no appeal and just were not practical.  404 more words

Hinges, good ones are hard to find

I am making a Paul Sellers Tool Chest and was in need of some hinges for the lid.  Heading down to the local hardware store I found some basic national hinges.  226 more words

No cap iron

So people call the part that screws onto the back of the cutting blade of a plane either a chipbreaker or cap iron, and Paul Sellers… 124 more words

Winding Sticks #2 - Rough work

Many moons ago, my wife and I bought the house we live in now, from the estate of my great-aunt. It is a house that I have known all my life, although the old girl probably wouldn’t recognise it now. 279 more words



I have a lot of mortises to cut for the bunk bed I’m making for my son. Four of the mortise’s will hold the metal hooks of the bed springs and don’t have to be a perfect size. 193 more words

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