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Tool Cabinet Dovetails

Haven’t chopped dovetails for a while, certainly is nice to empty my mind grab a chisel in one hand and a hammer in the other and work away. 34 more words


Hanging Tool Cabinet

With space in the shop for the new tool cabinet, I can get on with the build. This is a Paul Sellers’ project from Woodworking Masterclasses… 147 more words


An Answer for Today

Here’s another fine read and almost too much reality from Paul Seller’s blog.

First off I didn’t want to edit this letter down because of the individuality it expresses. 25 more words


A Productive Week / Reality Check

Got a ton done this week. I started with a quick afternoon project I’ve been meaning to tackle for a long while. Paul Sellers is a big inspiration to me with his outlook on “lifestyle woodworking.” 418 more words

Joiners toolchest

So, I’ve started to build a joiners toolchest, following the plans laid out by Paul Sellers. I’ve made mine a little wider, in order to install a chisel rack. 80 more words

Sharpening a moulding plane iron.

I have a handful of moulding planes:  a pair of hollow/round, a few beading planes, as well as a few joinery planes such as a dado, rabbet, and shoulder plane. 485 more words


Bits and pieces

This post is a bit of a hodgepodge, just an update of what has been going on recently. First of all: The Biltong Slicer. I delivered it to my friend and it is fair to say that he was tickled pink. 881 more words