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Sunday Music - Song For The Asking

Today’s music video is Song For The Asking and the song is performed here by the Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Link to Video at You Tube… 951 more words


Top 5 for Today, 5/2/2015

5) Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman – “Stumblin’ In”

This was posted to a Facebook group I belong to – NHA, No-Hipsters Allowed. Great group. I remember the song fairly well from its time on the charts in 1979. 290 more words


Intolerance is No Longer "In": Transgender is the New Normal

Late last night I was browsing through my list of movies that I want to watch on Netflix. I came across a movie that has been there for awhile called… 572 more words

Songs of the Heart

Another Writing 101  Blog:  Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Oh goodness, 3 songs.. I can never remember words of songs.. 539 more words


These are the days of miracle and wonder

| Paul Simon and Sting | The O2 | 16 April 2015 |

Both started out in successful groups that split acrimoniously.Each has a failed Broadway musical to his name. 419 more words

There'll be plenty of time...................for Gospel Sunday

As Winston Churchill said: “there’ll be plenty of time for wanking when the boats are back from Dunkirk“.

When I read that the other day, at the farm, I was laughing out loud for about three minutes. 181 more words