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Happy Birthday, Paul!

Our favorite psychic cephalopod would have been 9 today. We hope you’re still proving your prescience in the big German aquarium in the sky.

5 animals that tried to predict the outcome of the U.S Election

Months worth of polling couldn’t predict the result of the U.S election, so could a psychic animal have done a better job? On the verge of huge events in modern times, some people have resorted to animal predictions to find the answers they deeply need before the events happen. 398 more words


The K-Advent Calendar Day 7 - Squid

K-Advent Calendar Day 7 – Squid

When growing up on the terraces back home the selection of food available to the average fan was not the most elaborate of buffets and generally ranged from a ridiculously boiling hot cup of Bovril to a rather crusty looking, and all too often crusty tasting, pie. 351 more words