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I’m Putting You On: Self-Fashioning and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread

Seeing Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread for a second time, I was struck by how apt the world of haute couture is for the landscape of a story in which the self-fashioning of love—both of ourselves and how we see others—plays out.  512 more words


Quick Take: Phantom Thread


I approach all Paul Thomas Anderson movies with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Every one I’ve seen (the only one I haven’t is his first,  158 more words


Review: Phantom Thread (2017)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson


This review was originally published on Scannain.com

Phantom Thread, Paul Thomas Anderson’s eighth feature, bears little ostensible resemblance to his previous films. 1,061 more words


Pretending To Hate: There Will Be Blood

If a film doesn’t have a plot what is the point?

There Will Be Blood is what appears to be the tale of a man’s unflinching desire for wealth at the cost of his humanity and the lives of others, but in reality it’s just the camera following around a man who’s a complete asshole. 1,166 more words


Bob le Flambeur (1956)

Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

Bob le Flambeur feels familiar.  It’s a casino heist movie that surely influenced Ocean’s 11 (1960), complete with the methodically constructed plan and the suave, comforting criminal of a lead character.   1,201 more words

415. The Master


Scientology isn’t so much subject of “The Master” as the after course. The newfound church is a loose thread that can be drawn to Paul Thomas Anderson’s grandiose museum portrait of a movie, if you don’t bother to look at anything else happening around you. 447 more words

The Royal Wedding Dress

Was I the only one hoping the dress would be designed by the House of Woodcock?