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Junun (2015)

Junun documents the making of the album of the same name by Jonny Greenwood, Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Express. As far as documentaries go it’s a pretty laid-back affair, more akin to those you get on album bonus DVDs than a film in it’s own right. 411 more words


In Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Daydreaming,' Thom Yorke Walks Through Radiohead's Past, Searching for His Other Half

Radiohead’s new album A Moon Shaped Pool dropped this past weekend, but as many fans and critics have noted, it’s not exactly new. Several the songs have been performed live for years and/or hinted at on past releases, most notably the heart-crushing “True Love Waits.” As an album, it looks backward as well as forward, making for a reflection on the lives and art of one of the most influential rock groups of all time. 570 more words


Album Review: Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

May 2 – 8 2016 will be marked down as Radiohead Week on many fans’ calendars this year. After unexpectedly stripping back their social media presence to the barebones of a few blank images the day before, … 1,283 more words

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Paul Thomas Anderson directs new Radiohead video

“The film places Thom Yorke at its centre, and we watch as he prowls restlessly through a series of rooms, which change with each new door opened.

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21st Century

Punch-Drunk Love: Breaking Down the Barryers

After another exciting Twitter vote, you, the citizens of NetFlakesland decided that we needed to talk about Punch-Drunk Love. For both myself and Caroline, we weren’t quite sure what to do with the movie at first but it left an impression, so please listen as we try to come to an understanding of why so many of you chose this film. 187 more words


Radiohead "Daydreaming"

So it’s been 2 days since Radiohead released their ninth studio album “A Moon Shaped Pool”, coming in 5 years after their last album “King of Limbs”. 283 more words

‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ reminds us that the world is a beautiful place

No one knows how or why it happens, but every few years, the mythical gods of music descend from the heavens and offer us a taste of what it’s like to drink from the fountain of pure musical genius. 928 more words

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