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FILM DIARY #27: There Will Be Blood (2007)

There Will Be Blood feels less like a title, more of a proclamation. The first frame it briefly hits you in the face then disappears, a statement by Paul Thomas Anderson – that’s what you’re going to get. 559 more words


Film Haul #2

It’s that time of year again, by which I mean it’s that post-Christmas period where I go out and spend a hefty bit of change on a few plastic discs that show moving images on a screen. 346 more words

Doc Sportello and the Dude: Separated at Birth?

When I heard that Paul Thomas Anderson would be translating a Thomas Pynchon novel for the the screen, I could not help but be excited. Here was one of today’s most ambitious and talented filmmakers interpreting an author of such dazzling obscurantism that his novels were generally considered by critics to be the acme of unfilmable.  1,447 more words


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2017 Movies Will Be Less Trash

Despite a last gasp effort, 2016 was one of the most underwhelming and forgettable years in film history. After a promising pre-summer release slate that gave us Deadpool, Green Room, The Lobster, Zootopia, and Hail, Caesar!, 2016 remembered what year it was. 1,439 more words


Boogie Nights (1997)

“What can you expect when you’re on top, you know? It’s like Napoleon. When he was the king, you know, people were just constantly trying to conquer him, you know, in the Roman Empire. 790 more words


There Will Be Blood (2007)

Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Dillon Freasier

“I have a competition in me,” Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis) says. “I want no one else to succeed.” He’s speaking to his brother, Henry (who, it will turn it, is neither his brother nor a Henry), a man he’s only met earlier that day. 2,293 more words


FLIX PIX (7): "My Review of THE MASTER, by Paul Thomas Anderson"


(directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012)

**** (out of 5)


> Five years after the stunning THERE WILL BE BLOOD, fellow San Fernando Valley expat P.T. 525 more words

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