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“An attitude of permanent indignation signifies great mental poverty. Politics compels its votaries to take that line and you can see their minds growing more and more impoverished every day, from one burst of righteous anger to the next.”

~ Paul Valery, Tel Quel

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Regarde-moi qui change

Beau ciel, vrai ciel, regarde-moi qui change!
Après tant d’orgueil, après tant d’étrange
Oisiveté, mais pleine de pouvoir,
Je m’abandonne à ce brillant espace”

– Paul Valery, Le Cimetière Marin…

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Exchange Student

Paul Valèry

“Io vissi dell’attesa di te, il mio lento cuore non era che i tuoi passi” ♡
(Paul Valèry)


Poetry's low laughters

Schopenhauer was not the first to describe puns as an especially low, almost bovine form of humor, but I shall forgive him his lateness of birth and allow him to speak the truth: 490 more words

Philosophy Of Poetry

Poets as conjurors

The result of this analysis is to show that the value of a poem resides in the indissolubility of sound and sense. Now this is a condition that seems to demand the impossible.

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“The best way to make
your dreams come true
is to wake up.” Paul Valery

Initiative Quotes

"Le Sylphe", Paul Valery

Le Poème

Le Sylphe

Ni vu ni connu
Je suis le parfum
Vivant et défunt
Dans le vent venu.
Ni vu ni connu
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Poètes Et Poèmes Du XX ème Siècle