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It’s been a tough week.

Last Sunday I tore my meniscus.

Tuesday’s election results weren’t what I had hoped they’d be.

And Thursday the world learned that Leonard Cohen had passed. 462 more words

Middle Fiction

Paul Valéry on Why a Work is Never Completed

“A work is never completed except by some accident such as weariness, satisfaction, the need to deliver, or death: for, in relation to who or what is making it, it can only be one stage in a series of inner transformations.”-Paul Valéry



A poem is never finished,
only abandoned.
– W. H.Auden, “quoting” Valéry

Aux yeux de ces amateurs d’inquiétude et de perfection, un ouvrage n’est jamais… 100 more words

Bertie & More

Imprints:"That Which I Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door)" - Ivan Albright

A recent visit to the Chicago Institute I got to view Ivan Albright’s painting “That Which I Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door).” It invoked the memory of one my favorite quotes from the French poet/philosopher Paul Valery.  39 more words


Paul Verlaine

Amami perché, senza te, nulla posso, nulla sono

Paul Verlaine
Fiori di Poems


The exact placing of a comma

It happened at certain stages in my life that poetry became a way of cutting myself off from the world…It is no bad thing if certain men have the strength of mind to attach more value and significance to determining a remote decimal number, or to the exact placing of a comma, than to the most resounding of news items, the most terrible catastrophe, or even to their own lives…

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The Communicative Poet


In my youth, long enough ago that I cannot recall whether it was in my first, true childhood or my second, collegiate childhood, I dreamt of the contentless work of art. 1,823 more words