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Reading your own future

If you were to ask me why you should bother reading the science fiction of the thirties and forties, I’d say that you probably shouldn’t. At least not until you really felt like it. 1,264 more words


Paul Valéry

I could no longer see you in on-coming time, and yet I was holding your hand. For me you were colored with absence, and somehow condemned to have no imminent future. 60 more words


Graecum est, non legitur

It is Greek |and therefore| it cannot be read.

για την μυθοπλασία,  sobre la ficción.

Dibujo por Alfonso Pérez López

“- No obstante, usted padeció en sus diálogos socráticos la influencia de Platón ¿no es cierto? 396 more words

Drawing Narratives//narrativas De Dibujar

The Sea, The Sea: Iris Murdoch and Me

I closed Iris’ Murdoch’s 1978 novel Booker-winning novel yesterday with frustration. Maybe I should have been an English major?

I didn’t read the introduction until after I’d read the last page–introductions being full of spoilers, in my experience. 320 more words



The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect.

~Paul Valery

Disappearing Into That Nothingness

Elizabeth Sewell, Paul Valéry (1952)

Then there is Mallarmé himself, sitting, as he admitted in a letter to a close friend, in front of a mirror as he wrote, to make sure that he would not disappear into that nothingness which during the writing of… 38 more words

Phantom Books

Between the clarity of life and the simplicity of death . . .

After reading Elizabeth Sewell’s Valéry, reading one of Valéry’s essays, which Sewell writes of so lucidly, was inevitable. With its uncompelling title, an allusion to Descartes, despite Sewell’s preparation, I was ill prepared for its fireworks. 153 more words

Paul Valéry