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The bitter taste of unmet expectations

A good friend of mine, who also lives abroad now, has texted me last week with an unpleasant (for her) piece of news. She has been fancying this guy at work for quite a while now and even felt a connection, but they never dated. 626 more words

Just Life

Motivational Monday - Chasing Your Dreams

Hello and welcome to Monday! Does that seem like a scary thought for you? Yeah, me too, but I hope this post might brighten it up for you a little bit or make it seem a little more inspiring and purposeful. 212 more words


What I Am Trying To Say

“Between Voice and Thought,
between Thought and Voice,
between Presence and Absence,
oscillates the poetic pendulum.”

— Paul Valéry, from “Poetry and Abstract Thought,” The Art of Poetry(Princeton University Press, 1958)


The Wind Rises

Just over a year ago – 30 May 2014 – Chris and I saw The Wind Rises at the Watersmeet Cinema in Bristol. It was Miyazaki’s swansong, the last great animé film he directed at Studio Ghibli before his retirement. 305 more words


“An attitude of permanent indignation signifies great mental poverty. Politics compels its votaries to take that line and you can see their minds growing more and more impoverished every day, from one burst of righteous anger to the next.”

~ Paul Valery, Tel Quel

Things Read

Regarde-moi qui change

Beau ciel, vrai ciel, regarde-moi qui change!
Après tant d’orgueil, après tant d’étrange
Oisiveté, mais pleine de pouvoir,
Je m’abandonne à ce brillant espace”

– Paul Valery, Le Cimetière Marin…

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Exchange Student