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Imprints:"That Which I Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door)" - Ivan Albright

A recent visit to the Chicago Institute I got to view Ivan Albright’s painting “That Which I Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door).” It invoked the memory of one my favorite quotes from the French poet/philosopher Paul Valery.  39 more words


Paul Verlaine

Amami perché, senza te, nulla posso, nulla sono

Paul Verlaine
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The exact placing of a comma

It happened at certain stages in my life that poetry became a way of cutting myself off from the world…It is no bad thing if certain men have the strength of mind to attach more value and significance to determining a remote decimal number, or to the exact placing of a comma, than to the most resounding of news items, the most terrible catastrophe, or even to their own lives…

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The Communicative Poet


In my youth, long enough ago that I cannot recall whether it was in my first, true childhood or my second, collegiate childhood, I dreamt of the contentless work of art. 1,823 more words


Reading your own future

If you were to ask me why you should bother reading the science fiction of the thirties and forties, I’d say that you probably shouldn’t. At least not until you really felt like it. 1,264 more words


Paul Valéry

I could no longer see you in on-coming time, and yet I was holding your hand. For me you were colored with absence, and somehow condemned to have no imminent future. 60 more words


Graecum est, non legitur

It is Greek |and therefore| it cannot be read.

για την μυθοπλασία,  sobre la ficción.

Dibujo por Alfonso Pérez López

“- No obstante, usted padeció en sus diálogos socráticos la influencia de Platón ¿no es cierto? 396 more words

Drawing Narratives//narrativas De Dibujar