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SHOWGIRLS (1995) - Screech's revenge?

”Who do you have to f*** to get off this picture?” — attributed to Bette Davis

Who did Elizabeth Berkley have to f*** to get starred in Showgirls? 481 more words


Protector of innocent J&B…

…but not Jack Daniels.


I'd Buy That For A Dollar: Rococop: A subversive classic.

1987 was an incredibly rich and varied year for film, from family favourites to brainless action to body horror, it was nothing if not diverse. Amongst the slew of releases there was an action flick that attempted to be something more than just another facsimile of everything else out there by mixing brutal ultra-violence with biting social commentary, that film was Robocop. 416 more words


Total Recall and YA Literature

I watched Total Recall on channel four, where it was interrupted midway through by an awkward newscast that lasted half an hour. Apart from reminding me of why I hate watching things on TV rather than streaming them, it gave me time to reflect. 935 more words


Soldier of Orange (1977)

Soldier of Orange
Soldaat van Oranje
Dir. Paul Verhoeven
Premiered September 22, 1977

Before the proper review, I need to make a public service announcement: this shouldn’t have been as hard to get ahold of as it was. 698 more words



How many more pointless remakes can possibly exist before the entire universe collapses in on itself?

No idea, but hey, totally unrelated, let’s talk about  46 more words


Review - ELLE (Paul Verhoeven, 2016, France / Germany / Belgium)

Paul Verhoeven’s Elle begins mid-rape; the rape of its protagonist Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) by a man wearing a ski-mask, as a cat looks on, apparently unmoved. 721 more words