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Blade Runner's Philip K. Dick: From Book to Screen

One word comes to mind when describing Philip K. Dick – visionary.

Before Black Mirror became a buzzword, Philip K. Dick’s exploratory novels covered the wide spectrum of science fiction. 571 more words


30 Χρόνια Επιβολή του νόμου

Αρχικά θα ζητήσω συγνώμη που θα μιλάω στο άρθρο σε πρώτο πρόσωπο αλλά θα μιλήσω για μια ταινία σταθμό στην ζωή μου αλλά και στο Sci-Fi. 157 more words


Hauer'd to be a god: Paul Verhoeven's Flesh + Blood

Against a verdant, sun-kissed field, a young betrothed couple – the handsome, callo­w hero and his flaxen-haired princess bride – swoon and banter. “Feel how my heart is beating for you,” she coos, pulling his hand to her chest. 1,343 more words

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Movies vs the Books

Movies never seem to satisfy a genre in the same way a book does. “The book was better,” is a consistent theme touted after a movie is made based on said book. 633 more words


1987 Movie Review: ROBOCOP, 1987


Robocop (1987)
Directed by: Paul Verhoeven
Classic Movie Review
Starring: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Kurtwood Smith
by Mike Peters


After being murdered by a ruthless gang of criminals, Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is resurrected as a crime-fighting cyborg named ‘Robocop’. 799 more words