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Timebomb - film review


If I’m not me – then who the hell am I?

Written & directed by Avi Nesher. Starring: Michael Biehn, Patsy Kensit, Tracy Scoggins, Robert Culp and Richard Jordan. 1,207 more words

Greg Moss

High Hat Film Podcast/Episode 31/Hall of Fame:- Total Recall

It’s a blast from the past in the latest episode as former High Hat host Nick Murray submits Total Recall (the Arnie version, not the dodgy Colin Farrell one) for inclusion into the Hall of Fame. 62 more words



While I am in the far away land of Los Angeles, I thought I would make some confessions. It might not come as much of a surprise, but I  704 more words


Robocop (1987) - Review

As you could probably guess by the year in the title, this is not the sewage-worthy 2014 remake, this is the blood-spurting, gun-bending, rapist-ball-shooting 1987 classic. 544 more words


So Bad It's Good: The Bumping, Grinding, Pole-Licking Pleasures of 'Showgirls'

Bad movies are not a simple matter. There are nearly as many categories of terrible movies as there are for great ones: insultingly stupid ( 1,420 more words


1995 Project: Showgirls

You can’t blame a cinephile for being bored out of his mind from hearing time and time again how Blade Runneror The Shining… 1,220 more words