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This Is a Movie Review: Elle

Elle opens with Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) enduring a sexual assault from a home invader. This scene is revisited multiple times, both mentally and in actuality, as the assailant continues to strike. 111 more words


Paul Verhoeven's Tepid "Elle"

To praise Paul Verhoeven’s Elle simply for its controversial subject matter would be too easy and too dangerous. Such criticism would open the floodgates for a bevy of grossly violent films to be praised on their vulgarity alone. 1,576 more words


Review: Elle

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Runtime: 131 minutes

It’s not every day you see a movie that opens with rape and then, mere minutes later, prods you to laugh uncomfortably. 753 more words


Fantastic Fest

Both the film “Elle” and its protagonist, Isabelle Huppert’s Michèle, resist common tropes related to sexual assault (one of which occurs in the opening scene). 334 more words

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Review: 'Elle'

A majority of the perverse fun in Paul Verhoeven’s sixteenth feature film, titled Elle, is the smoldering performance of actress Isabelle Huppert. As the co-CEO of an upstart gaming company, she not only gets to flex her entrepreneurial muscles at her nerdy millennial staff, but she effectively ruins the lives of pretty much everyone she comes in contact with, both personally and emotionally. 590 more words