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Trust and Community Help Us Adapt to Lightning-Fast Media

As I thought about the basic idea that lay behind yesterday’s post, I had an intriguing idea. It was an answer to Paul Virilio’s critique of the accelerating speed at which information and material in modern human society moves. 779 more words


technological space-time

The representation of the modern city can no longer depend on the ceremonial opening of gates, nor on the ritual processions and parades lining the streets and avenues with spectators.

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Some realisations this morning at the top of Lacson Bridge:

1. The people were there but the bodies are absent (See Virilio’s duh-Sein in Negative Horizon) 240 more words

Tate Modern: Conflict, Time, Photography exhibition

Just to let you know straight off the bat that this is going to be a long post, but I’m hoping that you’ll stick with it. 1,541 more words


"American Psycho" for the Penniless

Perhaps it is Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance that first reminds one of American Psycho, but it becomes increasingly apparent that were it not for his poverty, dressing skills, and exclusively-self-help-language, Lou Bloom would have been the perfect fit for the world of Patrick Bateman. 251 more words


The revival of deep reading online. by Carlo Pizzati

Nietzsche? Huh.

No, wait, the most senior student in the class shyly raises her hand.

“German philosopher? 19th century? Nihilists?”

Yes, I say, trying to thread on more recent cultural grounds: 1,010 more words

Carlo Pizzati

My Newest Published Article

My review of Paul Virilio’s The Great Accelerator was published yesterday by Marx and Philosophy.

I believe its greatest merit to lie in its analysis of flash-trading or program-trading as it relates to a dehumanization of time and the resultant… 50 more words