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Second Guessing the FED


By Arthur Chalekian GEPC



Americans have been speculating about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy choices – rate hikes, rate declines, quantitative easing, etc. 479 more words


The Top 10 all-time articles at FauxCapitalist.com by 2015

Here are the Top 10 all-time articles at FauxCapitalist.com by the end of 2015:

1) Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor” (2013) 119 more words

Quo Vadis Gold?

Gold is a symbol of power and truth, and yet it is suppressed. The reason gold is in jail is so that the dollar is  free to be the official currency of the world. 648 more words


Why Paul Volcker was key to Jimmy Carter's economic legacy

It’s not a compliment when a president’s economic record is compared to that of Jimmy Carter’s, who held office during a troubled economy. Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have bemoaned President Barack Obama’s slow growth economy as similar to Carter’s. 1,080 more words


Investor confidence in the U.S. plummets

Investor confidence in U.S. stocks is falling at its fastest rate since the 1980s, following the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise interest rates last week. 425 more words


These two states actually have their finances in order

In a report released on Monday, the Volcker Alliance gave good marks to California and Virginia for having their financial act together. The nonprofit organization, which was founded by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul A. 314 more words


International Economic Forum wants to put Montreal on the map

Montreal is an event-driven city. Think of the Grand Prix, the jazz festival, the Just for Laughs festival, the Rogers Cup tennis tournament.

Gil Rémillard wants that same spirit to animate the Conférence de Montréal, billed as the International Economic Forum of the Americas. 1,084 more words