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“Men love women, but even more than that, men love cars” exalts Lord Hesketh before the start of a race in the 2013 movie Rush. And if there is one thing men love more than their cars, is racing them! 981 more words


'Furious 7’, directed by James Wan

*Spoiler alert!*

There was a considerable hype around this film thanks to the unfortunate death of Paul Walker halfway through its completion, and as a result there were doubts over its fruition – but it turned out to be quite successful.  627 more words


A Song For Paul

Today, I looked at Youtube.com and I found this video. To be honest I just found this song such as an “eargasm” for me because when I listened to this song, been played in few times replay I can feel that someone has lost something in their life. 157 more words


Movie Review: Furious 7**1/2

Deckard Shaw wants to take revenge for his brother in coma and heist to rescue a master tracking device.

This movie tried to do too much with it multiple plots and sub plots but I don’t want to be super critical as the production of this sequel was hampered by the loss of Paul Walker. 138 more words

Abhilash Ganguly

New Category "Stars Pencil Drawings"

Today, you may enjoy a new category in this blog called “Stars Pencil Drawings”. You’ll find many portraits of stars and well-known people like Marilyn Monroe, Mel Gibson, Rowan Atkinson, Marlena Morgan, Tom Cruise, Anasticia and more. 18 more words

Bieber Strikes Again

For those of you who don’t know, Paul Walker was and still is one of my favourite actors in Hollywood. He’s done so much more than act throughout his career in the entertainment industry and will be missed dearly. 175 more words


My Take on (The) Fast and (the) Furious Franchise (2001, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015): Not a Review

Sometime in the early 2000’s, many of my fellow small-town, Midwestern citizens got excited over another non-distinctive, brainless summer action movie called The Fast and the Furious… 1,793 more words