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Fast & Furious 8 teaser is fast, furious, and corny as hell

Pop quiz: What are the Fast and Furious films about? If you answered, “street racing, heists, and cool explosions,” you are correct. If you answered, “family,” you are probably… 165 more words


Running Scared

Running Scared, 2006

Dir./Writ. Wayne Kramer

The film follows a collection of characters, focusing centrally on Paul Walker’s Joey Gazelle. After a shootout with a gang of corrupt cops, Gazelle is placed in charge of disposing of a gun used to kill a dirty cop. 111 more words


Tyrese Gibson Calls on Prayer Warriors 3 Years After 'Fast &Furious' Star Paul Walker's Death

On the third anniversary of his friend’s death, Gibson took to social media to ask people to continue to pray for Walker’s loved ones.

“This week is always rough for those of us who really knew him personally — 14 years of laughter, hugs and love, literally one of the nicest people on HUMAN FEET! 151 more words


Cars 3: Well that escalated quickly

Watch Cars 3 Teaser Trailer

Disney’s Cars films is something that I honestly haven’t followed closely in comparison to some of the other films that have been brought out, however this trailer….well that escalated quickly. 244 more words


Vin Diesel ha vivido los peores tres años tras muerte de Paul Walker

Vin Diesel asegura que los últimos tres años de su vida han sido los peores debido al fallecimiento de su “hermano”, el actor Paul Walker… 231 more words


Vin Diesel Remembers "Brother" Paul Walker On Third Anniversary of His Death

Always in our hearts.

Vin Diesel opened up about his late friend Paul Walker a few days after the third anniversary of his death.

“We’ve felt the loss,” Diesel told  275 more words


Fast Family Remembers Paul Walker 3 Years After Shocking Death

Wow it’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since Paul Walker tragically died.  The Fast and Furious actor passed away on Nov. 30, 2013 as a result of a single-car collision.   421 more words