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Are you going to the part?

‘I will not go to your part because I am now a believer of Jesus Christ and I want to follow Him’ – Paul Washer

Best thing a child would know

The best thing that our child would know is Christ and Character. – Paul Washer

Jesus Came Not For Us

He came not for us but inspite of us. – Paul Washer

Jesus came not because of us needing Him and because we are good but because we are sinners and we are needing a savior.

You are called to do His will, Don't mess around

You are not called to do facebook, to play video games and to play around. You are called to do His will!! – Paul washer

Gelijkheid Aan Christus Sleutel Naar Een Huwelijk (3) | Conformity to Christ Key in Marriage #03

Een preek over ‘Gelijkheid aan Christus; De sleutel van het huwelijk’. Spreker: Paul Washer

Paul Washer