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The Bi...Monthly?

Now and again, we have experiences which fall into the category, “I’d-Be-OK-If-This-Slipped-Out-Of-My-Memory-Bank.” “Embarrassing” doesn’t describe everything in this category. Sometimes, the experience is just odd and unexplainable. 272 more words


Is Paul Washer Compromised and Watered Down? Jesse Morrell

Is Paul Washer Compromised and Watered Down?


I have never listened to any full sermons by Paul Washer because I just can’t stomach the false teachings of Calvinism from any preacher. 453 more words

2017 Shepherd's Conference

The audio and video of the 2017 Shepherd’s Conference is now available. The General Session speakers in order of appearance are:

John MacArthur
Phil Johnson… 48 more words

Watch "There are Many Deceived Church Goers - Paul Washer" on YouTube

I’d note that all “church goers” are deceived. The true church, the ekklesia of Christ, is not deceived. They hear His voice and follow.

I’d like to point out, too that any so-called pastor who doesn’t obey the Lord in declaring the gospel is to be accursed (Paul’s words in Galatians, not mine). 10 more words

Real Theology

Why I left the Protestant Reformed Church (3)

If you read my first blog post on this subject, I also humbly ask you to read this one. I wish to be abundantly clear in what I say, lest I bear false witness against the PRC in any of these blog posts. 1,283 more words

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