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All Fall Short

People have disappeared, vanished, all over the world.  You’re worried, scared, terrified, confused, hurt, lost.  I’m Miranda, and I “disappeared”, called home when Jesus returned in the clouds for His body the church of true believers.  866 more words


Compared to What

You’ve heard it.  You may have even said it at some point in the past.

Well, I’m not perfect but compared to most of the jerks out there I’m a pretty good person.  36 more words


Do You Love the Church?

The church is terribly important in the Bible.

After all, it is called the body and bride of Christ. For most men, their wife and their own body come pretty high up on their list of priorities, and I believe the Bible uses those metaphors for that very reason. 415 more words


Gospel View Unlocked

During the early stages of my Christian walk, I would find the words “preach the gospel to yourself” offensive. Back then I’d consider it only as an entry point to Christianity. 1,299 more words


LOADship. Are you on board?

LOAD-ship is a sinking ship.  

If you are not sure what lordship doctrine teaches please click here for a good description.

This is something that came of a discussion on Facebook probably about 8 years ago, then I posted it in one of my first articles here when I first subscribed to WordPress about six years ago.   3,900 more words