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The Vampire Diaries SN7 EP20 - ' Kill 'Em All '

SN7 EP20:  Kill ‘Em All

Written By:  Chad Fiveash & James Patrick Stoteraux

Directed By:  Kellie Cyrus

I really think that I need to make a Book of Rules for this show.   274 more words

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Vampire Diaries SN7 EP17 - ' Somebody I Used To Know '

SN7 EP19: Somebody I Used To Know

Written By: Holly Brix (teleplay) & Matthew D’Ambrosio (story)

Directed By: Chris Grismer

So, way back at the beginning of the season, when they were showing us glimpses of “Three Years From Now”, we saw that Bonnie and Enzo were a couple.   639 more words

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Fandom Tuesday: TVD Fan Culture at a Glance

Greeting fans,

It’s time for fandom Tuesday! Today I will be conducting an analysis of the The Vampire Diaries online fandom. I’ve been a casual viewer of the show, but I stopped watching somewhere along season 4 (I know, I really need to catch-up); as such this discussion will only include mild spoilers from the first three seasons. 1,764 more words


The Vampire Diaries SN7 EP18 - ' One Way Or Another '

SN7 EP18:  One Way Or Another

Written By:  Rebecca Sonnenshine (teleplay) & Penny Cox (story)

Directed By:  Rashaad Ernesto Green

We are now firmly in the “Three Years From Now” story line.   557 more words

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Ian Somerhalder Says Eight Is Enough

At the Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, Ian Somerhalder announced that The Vampire Diaries will end after season 8.  Somerhalder says that they want to give it their all in Season 8 and with this last season, “To really do the story justice.” 168 more words

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The Vampire Diaries SN7 EP17 - ' I Went To The Woods ' Does Some Body Swapping

SN7 EP17:  I Went To The Woods

Written By (Story By):  Julie Plec & Neil Reynolds

Directed By:  Julie Plec

When the Phoenix Stone was destroyed in E16, we were all thinking that… 503 more words

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