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Paul Wesley sinks his teeth into the new play, Cal in Camo

“The notion of doing a play is something I wanted to delve into,” Paul Wesley explains. Best known to audiences as the star of the CW mega-hit, “The Vampire Diaries,” Wesley is taking to the New York stage this summer in the play… 694 more words

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Vampire Diaries SN7 EP21 - 'Gods & Monsters'

SN7 EP21:  Gods & Monsters

Written By:  Brian Young

Directed By:  Michael A. Allowitz

I have to say that I wasn’t really impressed with this episode.   280 more words

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The Vampire Diaries SN7 EP21 - ' Requiem For A Dream '

SN7 EP21: Requiem for a Dream

Written By:  Brett Matthews & Neil Reynolds

Directed By: Paul Wesley

Just in case you skip all that stuff directly above this sentence and jump right into the article…. 511 more words

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The Vampire Diaries SN7 EP20 - ' Kill 'Em All '

SN7 EP20:  Kill ‘Em All

Written By:  Chad Fiveash & James Patrick Stoteraux

Directed By:  Kellie Cyrus

I really think that I need to make a Book of Rules for this show.   274 more words

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Vampire Diaries SN7 EP17 - ' Somebody I Used To Know '

SN7 EP19: Somebody I Used To Know

Written By: Holly Brix (teleplay) & Matthew D’Ambrosio (story)

Directed By: Chris Grismer

So, way back at the beginning of the season, when they were showing us glimpses of “Three Years From Now”, we saw that Bonnie and Enzo were a couple.   639 more words

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Fandom Tuesday: TVD Fan Culture at a Glance

Greeting fans,

It’s time for fandom Tuesday! Today I will be conducting an analysis of the The Vampire Diaries online fandom. I’ve been a casual viewer of the show, but I stopped watching somewhere along season 4 (I know, I really need to catch-up); as such this discussion will only include mild spoilers from the first three seasons. 1,764 more words