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Nobody Wants a Yankee Hawker

carpetbagger noun / car pet bag ger
: a Northerner in the South after the American Civil War usually seeking private gain under the reconstruction governments.

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2 Corinthians

January 16,2017/The Slave Who Returned

Slavery has been around for far too long and its tolerance should be a thorn in the heart of all Christians–for if we confess that Jesus came to free us, how then can we possibly allow for any talk or practice that adheres in any manner or form of slavery? 551 more words

The Deepest Kind of Riches

1 Corinthians 1:1-9 (NLT)

This letter is from Paul, chosen by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and from our brother Sosthenes. 1,148 more words

Luminary United Methodist Church

Angels & Demons

Last time, Benjamin Corey was feeling rather pleased with himself that he’s able to take a more considered, adult approach to the Bible. He doesn’t interpret it like those dim-witted fundamentalists. 401 more words


Warnings on the Journey to Jerusalem

Now it came to pass, that when we had departed from them and set sail, running a straight course we came to Cos, the following day to Rhodes, and from there to Patara.

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The Bible


As you begin this week we ask that you meditate on the following scriptures and how they apply to your life and your growing relationship with the Lord. 129 more words


What is True and Proper Worship?

In Romans 12, Paul tells us that true and proper worship on our part, in light of God’s mercy, is to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God, a sacrifice that would be holy and pleasing to God. ¬† 176 more words

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