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Paul for Tomorrow's World: N.T. Wright (reflections May 29, 2015)

So this is just a small piece of what I learned what spoke to me though my notes are incomplete and N.T. Wright is dense!  “The apostle Paul’s message  was scandalous.” …riotous…Paul was for the Church…for the world. 375 more words


Lower Than What?

In which we revisit and update two of my favorite rant topics, idiot drivers and telemarketers. May there be a special level of hell reserved for the both of them. 941 more words


Memorial Day Reflections

I’m so grateful for all the men and women who have made sacrifices for our country! In particular I remember a dear friend, Peter Cross, who died serving in Afghanistan. 443 more words

DESTINATION DUBAI – Souks, Malls, Fun and Food.

DESTINATION DUBAI – Souks, Malls, Fun and Food.

Talk Dubai – and pretty much any layman would come up with The Dubai Shopping Festival. Season or not, there is tons of stuff to see – be it the lavish malls or the Arabian Nights type of Souks. 520 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

Worthy Jesus: Part One

Have you ever wondered why we pray in Jesus’ name? For that matter, why do believers call themselves Christians? C. S. Lewis said that believers are essentially “little Christs”. 1,396 more words



Have you ever written a blog post and wondered if people actually read every single word of it before they like, or comment on it? I do, all the time. 589 more words


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