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Self-Decpetion (2 Timothy 3:13-15)

The opponents in Ephesus stand in contrast to Paul’s record of suffering (v. 13) It is Paul and Timothy’s opponents who are the imposters. The noun (γόης) Paul uses here is a common way to describe an opponent in a philosophical debate. 508 more words


The Day After

(This is going to be a mess. My brain is all over the place.)

It’s tough losing someone, tougher for a close family member. It’s statistically likely for most of us that we’ll lose a parent before we lose a spouse, child, or sibling. 1,038 more words


FREE assessment resources for ICT/Computer Science | Paul

Learners now follow a set of assessment grids (for each topic KS3) and work on a project for a set number of weeks – at the end of the project each learner completes an assessment sheet designed to closely link to the assessment grid they’re been taught from. 7 more words

Commentary On The Letter From Paul To The Philippians Chapter 2:12-18

Paul Preaches To The Philippians About Working Out Their Salvation

Chapter 2:12 So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling; 534 more words


What is an "Approved Workmen”? (2 Timothy 2:14-16)

In 2 Timothy 1 Paul has told Timothy to model his life and ministry after Paul, recalling the examples of both his family (Lois and Eunice) and Paul’s co-worker Onesiphorus. 662 more words


Handing Down Good Teaching (2 Timothy 1:13-14)

Paul was “appointed a preacher and apostle and teacher” of the Gospel (1:11). This description of Paul’s ministry is similar to 1 Tim 2:7. The “preacher” in the ESV is better a “herald,” or “proclaimer.” This is a person who is appointed to deliver a particular message, in Paul’s case, from God. 529 more words


Love is a Strange Animal

You have seen your share of its strangeness! “How can “he” live “her”?

What on earth do  they see in each other?

And this is the remarkableness of love I write about.   211 more words

Algorithms For Life