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Why is God letting me suffer?

The character Christian, in The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan

Have you ever experienced suffering? This almost seems an unnecessary question to ask. After all, this world is full of suffering and, chances are, if you’ve lived in this world very long, you have experienced suffering in some measure. 1,506 more words

"Mirror Reading" Galatians

As Thomas Schreiner points out in his recent commentary on Galatians, when he wrote this letter, Paul did not need to explain the situation and background to his readers (p.31). 488 more words


Saturday Currently Reading: In Search of Paul

No, I’m also still reading Moby Dick

As some may know, I’m still very interested in almost all things Bible, Christian and theology. It’s hard to stop having an interest that you have carried on for decades. 237 more words

Paul Sinha: The Chase star reveals he ‘had a breakdown’ following Parkinson's diagnosis

Paul Sinha, 49, reflected on his reaction to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in a candid new interview. The Chase favourite discovered he had the disease earlier this year after “suffering from a frozen shoulder”. 30 more words

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What is the Restrainer in 2 Thessalonians 2?

This is a difficult problem in reading the apocalyptic section of 2 Thessalonians. Paul says the Man of Perdition cannot be revealed until the “restrainer” is removed. 1,118 more words


Romans 12:17-21

In Romans 12:17-21 Paul gives us direction on how to live with one another. He reminds us that revenge is not an acceptable way to treat each other. 482 more words

Spiritual Growth

Teaching Doctrine in Disciple-making: Academic elective or life-giving essential?

In contemporary literature on church planting and disciple-making doctrine is often downplayed. Doctrine is seen as secondary or primarily the intellectual concern of academics. But Paul put great emphasis on doctrine when he wrote to his church planting partners, Timothy and Titus. 758 more words