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Who labels themselves a feminist?

Bill English ignited a bit of a furore about feminism when he responded to a question saying he didn’t quite know what the term means. Paula Bennett added to the excitement by failing to state that she was a fully committed 24/7 feminist. 1,282 more words


Coleman, McCully, Collins and Smith

Prior to the Ministerial reshuffle there was particular interest in what might happen to Murray McCully, who is retiring next year, Nick Smith, who is considered a friend of Bill English and who has struggled dealing with housing in Auckland, And Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins who challenged English for the leadership. 402 more words


Hugging a political corpse

There’s a saying in politics that it’s unwise to hug a corpse, and it has been quoted often by Cameron Slater, but he seems to be intent on assassinating PM heir apparent Paula Bennett’s credibility to pave the way for his favoured Judith Collins. 310 more words


366 days of gratitude

Paula Bennett left school with no qualifications and became a solo mother at the age of 17.

Bill English lost National’s leadership after the party’s worst election result in 2002. 29 more words

Bill English

Not quite PM but English speaks

The National Party has now elected Bill English  their next leader and Paula Bennett as deputy. They will be sworn in this afternoon, but English has just given a press conference. 245 more words