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Slater speaks on behalf of the National party and on leaders

In ONE PARTY, TWO BOARDS, ONE LEADER Cameron Slater seems to be presenting himself as an alternate leader of National, speaking on the Party’s behalf. 417 more words


Predictive Modelling

The New Zealand Government is leading the world, apparently. This excellent report by Radio New Zealand’s Teresa Cowie explains how the Ministry for Social Development (MSD) has developed… 700 more words

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Housing Minister Paula Bennett continues National's spin on rundown State Houses

Another broken promise from National…

On 12 June, Social Housing Minister, Paula Bennet was interviewed on Radio NZ’s ‘Nine to Noon‘ programme. 753 more words

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Improve your lexicon: fat politicians

I’m on a never-ending quest to improve my vocabulary – both by expanding it, and by getting rid of some of the more objectionable, oppressive language which we all use without thinking. 483 more words


The Mendacities of Mr Key # 12: No More Asset Sales (Kind of)

On 25 February 2014, Dear Leader John Key announced to the nation that his government’s asset sales programme was over;

Like so many of  the Prime Minister’s promises, that “ 3,381 more words

The Body Politic

No Jab, No Pay... Immunisation the Government Way.

The Australian government has introduced a new policy dubbed ‘no jab, no pay’ that would “strip childcare and welfare benefits from any parent who refuses to immunize their children.” The policy was a “recommendation of the… 1,195 more words