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Bennett's ginormous lie

Paula Bennett has turned down the opportunity to back up her words that she wouldn’t force communities to amalgamate.

A Bill was in front of Parliament this week that would return legislation to how it used to be, when a majority of people in each affected council area would need to agree to amalgamation. 120 more words


Quote of the day

We have always been more ambitious for our youth. Ensuring they have a roof over their heads means we can more effectively dig in and ensure they’re getting access to education, employment and wer are supporting them back to independence. 12 more words


GWRC about to end?

Local Government Minister Paula Bennett has a new wheeze; to bring an end of regional councils. Fresh from her two-year failure to amalgamate regions, she told the Local Government NZ conference that she now expected the Local Government Commission to look at winding up regional councils. 96 more words


WINZ, waste, and wonky numbers - *up-date*

Radio NZ’s reporter, Ruth Hill, posted this story on Friday 10 July. Note Ms Hill’s comment;

“However, 4916 just dropped out of the system because they did not do the paperwork.”

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The Body Politic

Govt report card on BPS

The government has released a report card on its Better Public Service targets:

More young people are achieving higher qualifications, welfare dependency continues to fall and Kiwis are doing more of their government transactions digitally, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and State Services Minister Paula Bennett say. 584 more words


Slater speaks on behalf of the National party and on leaders

In ONE PARTY, TWO BOARDS, ONE LEADER Cameron Slater seems to be presenting himself as an alternate leader of National, speaking on the Party’s behalf. 417 more words