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Autism, Assumptions and Perpetuating Misperceptions

I was going to write something about the Aurora shootings, but I think it’s better if I give some links to things others have written. 604 more words


Autism Acceptance

Paula Durbin-Westby is an adult autist, an advocate, a writer, blogger, and mother. She writes extensively about autism on her blog – Autism Acceptance Day… 749 more words


AWN interview with Paula C. Durbin-Westby

A transcript of theAutism Women’s Network interview with Paula C. Durbin-Westby about her work with the Interagency Autism Coordination Committee. 9,662 more words

Transcript: AWA interview with Ari Ne'eman and Paula Durbin-Westby of ASAN

This is a transcript of the November 2, 2009 appearance of ASAN’s Ari Ne’eman and Paula Durbin-Westby on AWA Radio with Sharon daVanport. 12,975 more words