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Myth Busters on Pauline Hanson

Well she did it. She told the rabble back in 1998 that she will be back, and she is, this time bigger than ever. Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party have secured FOUR senate seats. 1,220 more words


Squatter's Rights by Harry Jackson

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s squatters were dirty hippy/punks that lived in empty hovels that rats would’ve thought twice about moving into.

Those ‘anti social layabouts’ had nothing better to do than protest and waste taxpayers hard earned cash by claiming twenty eight pounds a week in benefits. 727 more words


A unique Nationalist perspective on a contentious law

18C sucks. It was brought in to keep the Jewish community happy. They are not, because they don’t believe it goes far enough. 1,370 more words


For we are young and free speech is illegal?

Free speech is being choked out of us by restrictive laws! You can’t say anything anymore! Torch the Racial Discrimination Sections 18c and 18d!

While it may be true that the social consequences of ‘you can’t say that!’ are getting trickier to navigate, the legal restrictions on ‘free speech’ in the Racial Discrimination Act (1975) are actually quite straight forward. 1,442 more words


New Squat Toilets For Australian Tax Office

Senator-elect Pauline Hanson has been up in arms regarding the tax office’s decision to install squat toilets at their new offices in Melbourne. The One Nation leader links the lavatory re-design at the tax offices to the demise of the traditional way of life in Australia. 430 more words

Human Interest

Pauline Hanson is worried about how people go to the toilet at the tax office

Of course Pauline is right. There is nothing worst than to find in a public toilet that the grub before you had kangarooed the toilet seat. 59 more words

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