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Please explain…

Before every election, the party faithful blow the dust off their candidate’s placards, before cable tying them to telegraph poles and lodging them in their front yards, all so any passers-by can get a glimpse of said candidate plastering the same smile on their face, complete with the mandatory three word slogan. 498 more words


Electoral Commission so dodgy there can never be an honest election result

Letter to Sydney Morning Herald Editor

Some serious maladies in our voting systems are shown by your story “AFP finds no one to charge despite many cases of voting fraud” (26 Feb). 266 more words


Hanson kept out by vote fraud in Lockyer

Strange vote patterns defeated Pauline Hanson?

· Higher than normal postal votes in Hanson’s electorate, Lockyer

· Loopholes in the law make postal voting frauds easy… 543 more words


Pauline Hanson garners serious number of votes

The Queensland election outcome was a big surprise for the Liberal party, but for a while it looked like they’d also lose out to Pauline Hanson in the seat of Lockyer. 112 more words

Australian Politics

Pauline Hanson is Almost BAAAAAACCCKKKKK

Mike Welsh

Pauline Hanson joined me on my Canberra drive-time radio program for two days in February 2012. At the time she was at a loose end and looking for a new career. 228 more words

The Great Man is Back

John Laws returns to the Super Radio Network airwaves on Monday.

But will Pauline Hanson be back??

Some things you need to know about tomorrow's state election

Yesterday I went to the first Rural Press Club meeting for the year. It was a special January meeting that was called after Premier Campbell Newman called a snap election to be held tomorrow (Saturday, 30th Jan). 544 more words

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