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Refugee children make death threats to Rockhampton teachers

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Liberal MP Ewen Jones defies public opposition and demands 50,000 refugees of unknown origin

GOVERMENT whip Andrew Nikolic fears some of his federal parliamentary colleagues are trying to “out-compassion” each other on refugee intakes in the wake of Syria’s humanitarian crisis. 881 more words


White Supremacist says Ms. Hanson is misunderstood

The Reclaim Australia Movement is conducting a rally in my home town of Rockhampton and Pauline Hanson will be the guest speaker at the event. … 817 more words

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May 27 in history

893  Simeon I of Bulgaria crowned emperor of the first Bulgarian empire.

927 Battle of the Bosnian Highlands: Croatian army, led by King Tomislav, defeated the Bulgarian Army. 858 more words


Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is Australia’s most prolific far right politician. Pauline, who used to run a good 50s styled Aussie fish and chips shop in the almost exclusively white Queensland town Ipswitch, thought it was a good idea to enter into politics. 279 more words

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New Vaccine Could Wipe Out Anti-Vaxers

The CSIRO says it has developed a new vaccine which destroys the bacteria responsible for otherwise sentient beings becoming incapable of reason. The scientific breakthrough will have the potential to eradicate numerous palpable threats to humankind, notable among them the so called “anti-vax” community. 491 more words


Pauline Hanson Officially Halal Certified

Former Dancing With The Stars contestant, fish and chip shop owner and member of parliament, Pauline Hanson, has today been officially Halal certified, a move which has outraged Hanson and mightily confused her legions of followers. 173 more words

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