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Majority Of Australians Should Be 'Available As Food Source', Says Peter Singer

Renowned Australian ethicist and vegan, Professor Peter Singer has declared it morally acceptable to eat the majority of Australian voters.

Speaking from his office at Princeton University, the famed utilitarian philosopher, author of… 235 more words

The UnAustralian

Correct Thinking: 2 + 2 = 5

Terri Butler
“Babeus Absolutus Articulatus Intelligentus,
or Chickus Littlus-Dictatorialus Stalinistus Bansheeus?”

Very excited that today I will be attending my very first Cultural Awareness training session. 747 more words

Waleed Aly

Weatherill and Wong in bed together!

Jay Weatherill is just another flog cut from the same cloth as Don Dunstan. As for Wong, she is just another Penny Dreadful, full of snakes and slugs and puppy dogs’ tails. 22 more words

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Muslims never had it so good!

For years the Protestant majority slammed and vilified Roman Catholics in Australia; no public grants to Catholic schools; discrimination in the workforce. You name it; Protestant reactionaries attacked Catholic Aussies wherever and whenever they could. 51 more words

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OnePath Network a con, a front?

Chris Cuevas  OneParth Network is a con. A Muslim Filipino is a rare bird indeed, and such a person would not have Chris for his first name not would he be Mr Cuevas, a Spanish name meaning cave and popular in America. 25 more words

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It Must Be Xenophobia

Of course The Greens’ politburo weren’t the only ones collectively choking on their weeties Thursday morning.  Much of the Left were still mid-way through their latest bout of apoplectic fits over Saint Pauline’s glorious return to Parliament a month ago when the Guardian poll news broke. 722 more words

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Pauline Hanson: Just a case of right place, right time

Pauline Hanson’s big idea is that Australia is under relentless attack from minorities that swamp us without assimilating.

Source: Pauline Hanson: Just a case of right place, right time

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