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A Cure for Our Personal and Political Loathing: A New Outlook

We Need a New Outlook

In my last blog post, I argued that many people in the United States suffer with personal and political loathing and that this loathing can generate further problems of shame, unhappiness, feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, personal and interpersonal violence, inequality, and increasingly levels of political hopelessness. 3,293 more words

Love For Ourselves

How President Trump's Attack on the Media Undermines Our Ability to Be Brave and to Think Critically

I consider myself extremely fortunate because all of my life I have been exposed to a wonderful variety of both conservative and liberal ideas. It has made me a better thinker and a more brave and loving person. 2,746 more words

Paulo Freire

Lovin' Freire

The fifth module offered some very interesting readings that made the cogwheels in my brain more engaged. I was especially piqued by Paulo Freire’s Education for Critical Consciousness.  610 more words

Che's Reflections And Rants

Welcome to my blog "Everyone is a politician: mature or immature."

Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Bob Walker, and this is my first attempt posting a blog. I hope you will find it interesting and meaningful enough for you to respond to me. 273 more words

Critical Pedagogy-Paulo Freire

“As an alternative educational approach, Freire proposed that oppressed peoples need to become critically conscious, which is, in his view, the first step towards liberation and social change. 68 more words


Action in the ESOL classroom

What does it mean to take action with students? How can we make sure actions are led by learners not by teachers? How can we discuss and plan action in the ESOL classroom without imposing on students who just want to learn English? 962 more words