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Music Education: Oppression or Democracy?

As I explained in my last blog post, Freire (1970) discusses the problems faced by those that are oppressed in society and proposes a model of education (critical understanding of education) that inspires students to think critically and independently from teachers so that they can be active participants in the learning process. 1,232 more words

Co-producing Knowledge on DENIAL in partnership with Trauma Centre, Cape Town during 2017

Background to this site

This site will be used to communicate with workshop participants and to record their thoughts and expressions arising out of the Paulo Freire style action research workshops. 668 more words

Book by Book

I know that I’m good at writing, but I also know that being good at writing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve always got something worth writing about. 703 more words


Interrogating Power: A Meditation on Love, Bombs, and the Resurrection

Contemplating Power

I have been contemplating power lately. Power. Our last election was a shake-up in power, and much of the political debate during the election focused on what does or does not make our country powerful. 2,238 more words

Politics And Love

Pedagogy of the Oppressed in Conversation with Precious Knowledge

Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed discusses a theory of education in light of oppression and explores the source of liberation. Drawing from both political and philosophical insight, Freire determines that our current system of education denounces students to mere objects, leaving them little room for creative expression, which, in turn, eliminates students’ opportunity to digest true and conscious knowledge about the reality they live in. 752 more words

Power Of Words

What’s the Story?

“Constitutional democracies are themselves collective works of art accountable for their constructions. And constitutions remain open to performative interventions, obliging citizens to cultivate their creativity and criticism” (104). 715 more words


Creativity and Critique

Patrick and I were in the archive this morning looking at the papers of the Reverend John Crocker. Rodney printed out Bryan Marquand’s 2012 obituary of Reverend Crocker that was published in the January 6th edition of… 903 more words