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Kanye West's Most Bestest Onomatopoeias.

I had a hard time paying attention in grade school. I was too young to be an astronaut but I could space cadet with the best of em. 1,061 more words


Day 0668

i just had to talk myself down from panic cleaning a glass stove top in a rented shack I have been sharing with 10 women. 172 more words

The Wrath Of Mr. Pappano

Yesterday I saw a short man with black glasses and thick, Coke bottle-type lenses walking down the street.  A chill ran up my spine, because he looked like Mr. 433 more words


RANT: Whining

Dropped off my child at school today and she started whining about something… The sound of somebody whining, child or adult, immediately triggers an irritated, annoyed response from me–0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. 273 more words


It's That Time.......

In my defense…..I tried really hard to find another version of this song, but nobody sings it like Jon…. It’s the weirdest favorite Christmas song I know, but I can’t help myself….it’s my favorite. 477 more words


Losing Face

There’s something quite incendiary
About some folks I find
For push their button, yank their chain
And they reveal their mind

And with predictability
They bid as they are called… 87 more words


Takeaway #197 cool @ the bell via Xzibit

……This is grown man business, recognize the tone

If I don’t recognize the number won’t, answer my phone

Xzibit f/ Jelly Roll♦ Rollin’ 42 more words