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Pavlov's Dog

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Who Is Pavlov’s Dog?

For starters, do you know about Pavlov?  Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 – 1936) was a Russian born physiologist known for his work in classical conditioning. 347 more words

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古典制約-Pavlov 的狗狗實驗 Classical Conditioning Pavlov’s Dog Experiment (1902)



呢個非常經典,有關於行為學習嘅實驗,稱為古典制約 (Classical Conditoning) 或 Pavlov 的制約 (Pavlovian Conditioning)。其實生物學家 Ivan Pavlov 起初係打算研究狗狗喺餵食嘅時候口水分泌嘅情況。不過,佢無意中發現,當佢每次行入實驗室嘅時候,無論佢有無帶食物都好,狗狗都會開始不自覺咁流口水,從而發現古典制約。

古典制約分為三個階段。第一,喺未有制約 (Conditioning) 之前,食物對狗狗嚟講係一個非制約刺激 (Unconditioned Stimulus, UCS),狗狗見到食物就會流口水,係一個非制約反應 (Unconditioned Response, UCR)。由於見到食物就會流口水係與生俱來嘅,並唔需要學習,屬於反射行為 (Reflex),係古典制約中嘅重點。相反,一個中性刺激 (Neutral Stimulus, NS),例如鈴聲,喺制約發之前,對狗狗嚟講係唔會產生任何反應。 20 more words



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How Racists Are Useful Idiots

In 1901, Russian scientist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, conducted a series of experiments called “conditioned reflex” . Pavlov attached a device to a dog to measure the amount of saliva produced when he rang a bell. 1,676 more words

Pavlov on-call

I’m sure most everyone knows who Ivan Pavlov was. If you don’t recall the name or perhaps have never heard the name, certainly you recall the experiment he did with dogs. 480 more words

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The laser

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