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Pavlov's Dog

These powers, these systems, this twisted perceptions of comfort, safety and righteousness are tricks, smoke and mirrors – constructs of rape and murder – they make fools of us with this dog and pony show we are witness to these past few hundred days. 52 more words

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Chinese Whispers: Sell It In Like A Stringer

A stringer? Never heard of the term? Embrace the language. It’s professional journalism jargon for a freelance journalist or photographer.

Traditionally this person telephones a news station to ‘pitch’ or sell a corroborated “story” or a ‘tip off ‘ from a 100% trusted source. 1,833 more words

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Oobeer - Pavlov's Dog

While working for the BBC at this years Edinburgh Festival I heard tell that west coast brewers Williams Brothers had annoyed a significant portion of Glasgow’s beer intelligentsia by committing the entirety of their supply of lager to temporary craft beer stalls around the capital. 424 more words

Dog Psychology - The Academic Divide

The Academic Divide

The real searcher after truth will not receive the old because it is old, or reject the new because it is new. He will not believe men because they are dead, or contradict them because they are alive. 2,164 more words

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I turned the blinky light off.

Simple relief.

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Pavlov's Dog Capital Markets ... Not a Healthy Habit

Capital Markets’ continued fast rebounds are leading to some bad habits.

Do not bite!   – Pardon the pun

Pavlov’s Dog Capital Markets

Just as Pavlov’s dog was trained, capital markets are training many investor’s 

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Pavlov’s Dopamine Dog

Pavlov’s Dopamine Dog

We all have habits, some positive and some negative.

People often ask how habits are formed and what is happening to the chemistry in the brain during this habit forming process. 740 more words