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Welcome to Pawnsylvania

Pennsylvania meets Pawn Shop life in this latest creation by the Kroll Show.



Life sized chess board in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia.


How not to negotiate

Okily dokily, this one’s pretty straight forward. There are many ways to negotiate but there’s one way that will immediately get you labeled as a crazy bitch. 181 more words

Crazy Bitch

Grand Mastery

I’ve always wished
to be expert at chess,
but I overthink
every move and
lose my pawns
and queen in the
oldest, quickest
thrashing in the book. 129 more words

Life Musings

In the Vice of Life

They all want a piece of you,
Their own fragment of your life.
Your boss, your kids,
Your friends, your wife.
In the face of such demands… 61 more words


The Truth About Trust.

Trust has been a roaming thought in my mind throughout my life, but has recently become my kryptonite.

I’ve thought strongly for the past month that I’ve lost all trust in people do to recent events in my life. 207 more words