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Without the play or the movement

A pawn that already reacts as a king or a queen or bishop or knight and so forth, will never be played or moved or even touched. 24 more words


The Chess Master

I don’t play chess.

However, I am a master at manipulating chess pieces.

What am I?

A Cozy Mystery author.

Maybe it’s just me (usually it’s just me), but I line up my Cozy characters in my head and designate each as Pawn, Rook, Bishop or Knight. 39 more words


Breaking: 1 shot dead during pawn shop robbery in Bountiful

Gephardt Daily Breaking: 1 shot dead during pawn shop robbery in Bountiful One person has been shot dead during an attempted robbery at a pawn shop in Bountiful, police say. 22 more words

Fool's Mate Friday: Is the King safe from pawns?

Pawns can be scary things. They can en passant, they can form chains and islands, they can promote to the all powerful queen. Not to mention they can checkmate you. 337 more words


Pawn in your palm

They say you’re an ass, to forget you
And I know they’re probably right
But my heart can’t seem to see
Your crime in black and white… 69 more words


Fool's Mate Friday: Pawn Promotion Possibilities!

Back in the middle ages, there were several different renditions of pawn promotion. Originally, the pawn would promote to the queen piece, but back then the queen could only move one space, like the king. 322 more words