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Kobe & Sanchai

Meet my two furbabies,Kobe & Sanchai.

Kobe is a male canine. He’s 3 years old. Kobe is our first dog. When he was still young, he was very energetic and outgoing.He even danced once. 372 more words


Is it Possible to Live in an Apartment With a Large Dog?

Is it possible? Yes. Do i advise you to move into a studio with your boyfriend and 2 Great Danes? NO.

Property management companies usually have a weight limit for dogs. 583 more words

Paws -- Pause -- N Reflect

Whatever phase of life you are in, make time to pause and reflect where you are heading to. It is a good time to insert a comma now and realign yourself to your inner self before your life ends in a full stop. ― Roopleen


Pepe vs. the Pink Worm

Pepe has a cute little catnip-stuffed pink worm toy that’s tied to “his” chair in the kitchen.He spends a goodly amount of energy batting the poor thing around, kicking it for all he’s worth and, of course, biting it.   177 more words


Hide Your Feet, She's Coming!

<<The human is sneaking up on me. Fortunately, even tip toeing, she sounds like a herd of elephants, so I’m on to her.>><<Blast it! She’s got that stupid camera that half blinds me.>> 88 more words