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Why rebellious kids make more money later in life

Who knew not listening to your parents as a kid could pay off?

New research published in the journal Developmental Psychology found that children who didn’t listen to their parents growing up ended up with a higher income, according to… 176 more words


Hoping for a raise this year? How about a bonus instead?

Ever feel like you’re working harder for less money? It’s probably not all in your head.

Although it’s well-known by now that wage growth hasn’t kept up with productivity gains in recent years, the trend in base pay is even worse than most people realize. 454 more words


Want more customers? Lower your CEO’s pay.

Your CEO’s paycheck may be hurting your company’s bottom line.

That’s what a new study by the Harvard Business School’s Bhavya Mohan, Michael Norton, and Rohit Deshpandé shows. 445 more words


Martha Stewart is about to make some serious dough

Martha Stewart agreed to sell her media empire to Sequential Brands Monday in a deal that was worth $353 million, but there was very little announced about the fate of Stewart herself until today. 194 more words


This big retailer just raised its minimum wage for U.S. workers — again

Last June, Ikea announced it would raise its hourly minimum wage in U.S. stores from $9.17 to $10.76, a 17.3% hike. Now, almost exactly one year later to the day, Ikea is doing it again. 165 more words


These are the most extreme jobs

Adrenaline addicts looking for a new job may want to consider a few of the following: Crocodile physiologist, venom milker and skydiving instructor. They all made a list of the world’s most extreme jobs, at least according to YourTradeBase, a company that helps other businesses with the entirely sedate job of completing their paperwork. 145 more words


Warren Buffett: $15 minimum wage will hurt the working class

Warren Buffett is a favorite of the American left for his support of such policies as higher taxes on the rich and healthcare reform.

But advocates for workers rights may be a little less pleased with the billionaire investor after he published an… 266 more words