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This company is setting its minimum wage at $70,000

Credit card processor Gravity Payments is making its minimum wage $70,000 a year, the New York Times reports. Founder Dan Price recently announced the ambitious plan to a room of about 120 staffers. 198 more words


How millennials can play salary catch-up

Now that millennials have started to land jobs after being thrown into labor market purgatory due to the economic crisis, it’s time for them to play salary catch-up. 879 more words


Pay Gender Gap in Nursing: A Female-Dominant Profession

Male registered nurses make $5,100 more per year than female nurses. Earlier this week major news outlets including the New York Times published articles on this research finding that, for at least 48 hours, set off a few flares. 230 more words

Here's how much more Wall Streeters get paid compared to the average American worker

On Wednesday, the New York Comptrollers office said that the average bonus paid to New York bankers, traders, and others employed on Wall Street was $172,860 last year. 327 more words


Why moms should be paid $260,000 a year

An ad campaign in the UK is making the case that stay-at-home mothers should be paid around $260,000 per year. The campaign, launched in conjunction with the UK version of Mothers Day, is similar to one run in the US last year, according to… 57 more words


Judge Judy and the other big moneymakers of daytime TV

Fans of Judith Sheindlin — better known as “Judge Judy” — will be happy to learn that for the next five years, she’s not going anywhere. 164 more words


The Gender Pay Gap

Back in the news is an issue of importance in the field of management: the gender pay gap. Fifty years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women continue to be paid less than men, even when accounting for factors commonly understood to affect earnings. 345 more words

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