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Warren Buffett: $15 minimum wage will hurt the working class

Warren Buffett is a favorite of the American left for his support of such policies as higher taxes on the rich and healthcare reform.

But advocates for workers rights may be a little less pleased with the billionaire investor after he published an… 266 more words


Here are the 5 top-paying jobs at Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon is known for its ability to get customers almost any product they want. And while making that happen, their employees are paid handsomely at the top tiers of the company, based on total compensation, including bonuses and stocks. 107 more words


McDonald's turnaround plan: Bad news for workers expecting pay hikes?

When McDonald’s announced last month that it planned to raise wages for some of its workers in the United States, the company said the increases—to $1 higher than the local minimum wage—would apply only to the restaurants it owned. 451 more words


These were the best paid hedge fund managers of 2014

The highest-paid hedge fund managers in 2014 earned a total of $11.62 billion, The New York Times reported Tuesday, using information by Institutional Investor’s Alpha magazine. 159 more words


Pope Francis just called this a ‘pure scandal’ in the workplace

Pope Francis called the fact that men earn more than women for the same type of work “pure scandal,” according to The Washington Post. 200 more words


This company is setting its minimum wage at $70,000

Credit card processor Gravity Payments is making its minimum wage $70,000 a year, the New York Times reports. Founder Dan Price recently announced the ambitious plan to a room of about 120 staffers. 198 more words


How millennials can play salary catch-up

Now that millennials have started to land jobs after being thrown into labor market purgatory due to the economic crisis, it’s time for them to play salary catch-up. 879 more words