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Waiting on dirham day...

Luckily pay day is tomorrow because this lil traveler is down to her last fils.  It’s all good because being broke forced me to have a low key weekend, which worked out just fine for me.   381 more words

Al Ain

Signature Look: My Most Surprising Revelation as a Debut Author

So I’ve officially been a “soon to be published” author for a couple of months now. It’s already been an interesting journey. I had to fill out an author questionnaire, survived my first round of big picture edits and even got honest-to-goodness… 530 more words

Kellye Garrett

Charlie Chaplin in PAY DAY (1922) - A comedy that hits pay dirt

Pay Day is Chaplin’s truly worthy finale to the genre that first brought him fame, the short subject. Although he obviously had bigger things on his mind at this point than simply “riffing” on a series of gags a la Mack Sennett, Chaplin nevertheless proved he still had it in him to do so. 260 more words

Pay Day ep. 13 - hustlin' and strugglin'

Here’s what I know about me: no matter what the distance I’m running, the final 3 km are the worst. It’s true for a 10km run, and a 42.2 km run. 358 more words

Pay Day ep. 12 (I'm still alive!)

So, hi! This month has been awesome. With a full week on the boat, and a mini-girls weekend this past weekend, I’m feeling (somewhat) rested and relaxed. 273 more words

Photo Finish: Kellye has actual author photos!

So in my eternal quest to feel like a “real author,” I got official author photos taken a couple of weeks ago. The photo I’ve been using was actually the result of acting as a stand-in at work to help our staff photographer get ready to photograph a much more important person. 206 more words

Kellye Garrett

Day Thirty

Pay day!

Money this month is going to be incredibly tight as we need to pay for both T and M’s birthday. I hate being short of money and having to scrimp, we don’t even have enough money to be able to save anything. 65 more words