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Everyday Is Payday

A long time ago, I heard the words but being young, perhaps I did not understand them. I hear them still but now I am able to smile. 1,098 more words

Allen E. Rizzi

My Favorite Character to Write is...

Sometimes, you just have to play favorites—and this is one of those times. Today we’re talking about which of our characters we most love to write. 696 more words

Group Post

Nothing easily terminates or weakens the quest for greatness as a talent abandoned,
a talent not discovered could be pardoned,
but the one which has been discovered and not developed is a recipe for stagnation and possible frustration. 68 more words


Pay Day Purchases

Hello Everyone <3

So pay day is here again and about time too. Also my day off which makes me extremely happy, however I am working Saturday which makes me extremely sad. 640 more words


Summer time gladness

Yesterday I got my first glimmer of financial hope in a long time. I got paid! It was barely a week’s worth of pay because I’ve started my new job only just but I’m £75 less in debt than I was on Friday. 74 more words

Life Experience

Pay Day: August 2015

By the weekend, penguins who were registered as tour guides and/or EPF agents should have received get 250 and/or 350 coins respectively as a salary from the tour guide company and/or EPF. 50 more words

Club Penguin Pay Day

Today & Tonight's Outfit - Friday!!! 🍸💃🏼🎈

hey guys,

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!!! this day couldn’t have come quick enough ! And you know what that means ?… PAYDAY!.

So I’m going shopping with my mum this morning and I’m out with friends tonight here are my outfits. 48 more words