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Pay Day Wish List

This past month I’ve been on a self imposed spending ban, which didn’t go particularly well. With the release of the Republique du Chiffon Ernest coat, I needed to make a winter coat. 221 more words


Pay Day 14. (the one where the balance is ZERO)

Yeah, you read that right. ZERO. Holy wow have I ever day-dreamed about this day, the riches I’ll have! The things I’ll be able to accomplish! 264 more words

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wtf, money, ufc, mma, conor mcgregor, pay day, pay me Gif for Fun at your Time



Finally got my paycheck. I think someone accidentally took it because it was the only one there and folded and I have been looking for it. 68 more words

Candy in my Car

A few months ago my car was rear ended when I was stopped at a stop light. No major damage. About a week after the accident I went to the gas station to fill up my car and, instead of going into my tank, the gas started spilling out once I activated the pump. 420 more words

September update

I know this update is crazy, crazy late, but the reason for that is that this month, has quite frankly been a shitter. I moved flat quite suddenly, & my new flat, whilst not as nice as my old place, is £300per month cheaper. 201 more words


Waiting on dirham day...

Luckily pay day is tomorrow because this lil traveler is down to her last fils.  It’s all good because being broke forced me to have a low key weekend, which worked out just fine for me.   381 more words

Al Ain