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Photo Finish: Kellye has actual author photos!

So in my eternal quest to feel like a “real author,” I got official author photos taken a couple of weeks ago. The photo I’ve been using was actually the result of acting as a stand-in at work to help our staff photographer get ready to photograph a much more important person. 206 more words

Kellye Garrett

It's No Secret

Everyone knows I’m on a very fixed income with 4 kids and going to school. I am having to use student loans to help get us by until I finish school. 1,585 more words


In time
All things will fade away
Including the things we do
To derive pleasure each day

No matter how long we wish to play… 250 more words


August Update

Right, got paid Friday & no time like the present. Let’s do this.

Money in: £1732.96 (thankfully- not in overdraft this month! But only because my boyfriend transferred me £150 to cover some upcoming travels we’re doing). 388 more words


Pay Day (ep. 11) - the one where holidays are adding ($$!!) up

Don’t worry, we’re still making progress. But with the hot months, day camps, boats in the water and working to make the most of it all, my July expenses were DOUBLE March…and April, and May! 224 more words

July Update

I know this is very late, but better late than never! (I’ll do the numbers below as per July 5th- my pay day).

Money in: £1667.25 (I was in overdraft £70.06 already). 120 more words

Pay Day

Get back(story): How I developed my characters...

Even though I’m a writer, I’m actually a really visual person. So when it came to creating my main character Dayna and the four other people who would be constants in her life (and in my books), I found myself looking to celebrities for inspiration. 742 more words

Kellye Garrett