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Tech’s Gender Pay Gap Hits Younger Women Hardest

The salary database Comparably has released a new study exploring the pay gap between men and women in the tech industry. Among its most interesting findings is that the gap is largest for women early in their careers, with women under 25 earning on average 29% less than men their age, while the gap drops to only 5% for workers over 50. 387 more words


What feminism means to me

As I follow the Women’s Marches around the United States and around the world today, I cannot help but reflect upon hundreds of thousands of people — likely millions — gathered in support of a just, equal society for all. 371 more words

Nicole's Diary

Portman imparts pay gap wisdom

The gender pay gap has certainly impacted the women of Hollywood: from Jennifer Lawrence and Hilary Swank to Robin Wright and Emmy Rossum, both film and television actresses alike have often been paid much less than their male co-stars. 244 more words

The Inspired Life

New research confirms the "sexuality pay gap" is real

The gender pay gap and the racial pay gap have been well documented, but there’s another inequality in the labor market often overlooked: the sexuality pay gap. 949 more words

Maybe Malekup

A few days ago I was at a local bar and watching the post game analysis of the New York Giants loss to the Green Bay Packers. 819 more words


Pinching the Great Divide

While we know that we live in tricky economic times, it is difficult to say whether the challenges faced by millennials entering the workplace are worse than those faced by previous generations. 337 more words