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California passes tough law designed to combat gender pay gap

On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Fair Pay Act, a bill designed to combat the wage gap between men and women, an act he called an “important milestone” to help the state in “reaching toward greater equity.” The law makes it illegal for employers to pay employees of the opposite sex lower wages than colleagues performing “substantially similar work,” and forbids retaliation towards employees who ask about their coworkers’ wages, a tactic wielded by employers to conceal wage disparities. 136 more words

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{This is Life} Gender pay gaps worse in rural areas

This is something that really needs to be addressed.

Why don’t people that do the SAME job get paid the SAME?

It just doesn’t make sense and I am really struggling trying to confidently raise three daughters into a world where they are unlikely to be recognised in the same manner in the professional arena as their male cousin. 82 more words

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Carly Fiorina proves being a female candidate doesn't make you good for women

After what has widely been hailed as an impressive performance during the CNN-hosted GOP frontunner debate last week, presidential candidate and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has jumped to second place in the Republican field,  890 more words

Obama White House gender pay gap persists

The Washington Post has picked up on an AEI report from a few months ago that found a gender pay gap is still confounding the White House, despite the fact that so many women have been promoted to be department heads. 18 more words


On women being paid the same as men for the same work

Earlier this month, I took to the stage in the Library room at Shoreditch House in London as part of a panel event to discuss… 998 more words


Season 3 Pam vs. Season 4 Pam and Late-Blooming Confidence in Women: THE FIRE WALK IS SO REAL, Y'ALL

I’ve been re-watching The Office. It’s been a couple years since the final season ended, and I recently came to the realization that the first season is actually now 10 years old–SO weird–so it seemed an appropriate time to go back to the beginning. 1,701 more words

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What a man should do to support gender equality:

Dr Michael Kimmel commented; “white men have been the beneficiaries of the greatest affirmative action program ever known in the history of the world—it’s called the history of the world!”  I am a strong supporter affirmative action for women through the use of targets for women especially into senior line positions. 245 more words