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Wage Gap

It is about the pay, yes,

But it’s more about my worth.


Damn the pay gap!

Did you manage to spot the  ISF research that came out yesterday? If you missed it, here’s the summary… there is still a pay gap, which ‘booms’ after a woman has children. 1,422 more words

Applying For Jobs

New Statesman: Gender pay gap - women do not choose to be paid less than men

Is it just me, or does Mansplain The Pay Gap Day get earlier every year? It’s not even November and already men up and down the land are hard at work responding to… 237 more words

That Gender Pay Gap - a little myth and then some

The Gender Pay gap has been an important topic in the fight for gender equality which is highly discussed and criticized by feminists, activists and politicians alike. 699 more words


Don't Panic, We're Not a Bunch of Racists

Headline news on the BBC website today was a report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission revealing the allegedly “entrenched race inequality” throughout British society. 1,151 more words


Apple closes U.S. pay gap

It seems like Apple has been busy doing more than just creating a new iPhone and MacBook.

According to MAKERSGlamour has reported that the tech innovator has “announced it has closed the  158 more words

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Closing the pay gap

A new law in the state of Massachusetts may bring the United States one step closer to closing the gender pay gap that has long persisted in the American workplace. 206 more words

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