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Some Awesome Things We Saw at The Oscars

I don’t typically watch The Oscars. It’s not that I don’t care nor is it because I boycotted it.

#OscarssoWhite was trending and let me tell you, I think it is important. 737 more words


Patricia Arquette, I'm sure you meant well, but... #diversity #inclusion #equalpay #Oscars2015

So last night was the Oscars, and brothers Common and John Legend won big, making black history, while we’re still celebrating Black History Month. Their award-winning song “Glory” from Selma was positive and deserving, and I regret not watching the event to see them walk across that stage and do the damn thing. 1,022 more words


No AP History, Unless It’s Old-School American History #diversity #inclusion #education

When I was in school, I took AP classes in history, English and Spanish. I couldn’t tell you what specifics the curriculum covered — most days by dinnertime I couldn’t tell you what I ate for lunch — but I do remember the lively discussions that were typical of those gatherings. 402 more words


The Mommy Paradigm

The other day, i’d sparked yet another heated discussion on my FaceBook status. We were discussing gender roles, primarily, and who should take on the role of the primary care giver. 444 more words


Women's opportunities in College and in the Professional World

Since the 1970s, women’s enrollment in college has steadily increased and surpassed men’s. This tells me that women have an equal opportunity for higher education. While in college women have the same opportunities for extra curricular activities. 320 more words

Women Actors Take Note: Amy Pascal has solved the pay gap problem

With the stench of the Sony hack revelations still just about lingering in the air, Amy Pascal has given some final words of wisdom in a desperate attempt to justify the studio’s behaviour before she is unceremoniously thrown from the ship. 272 more words