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Our Girls Deserve Better: Gender (In)Equity in 2015

As it is the year 2015, the quest for equal rights for men and women has sure come a long way since the women’s suffrage movement… 574 more words

Let's Talk Wages

I’d like to address wages. First of all, I have a huge issue with minimum wage, and here’s why.

Pretend, for a moment, that I own a restaurant called Jennifer’s Kitchen. 639 more words

American Culture Issues

Stacey Dash doesn't think women being paid less than men is a problem: WATCH

You just can’t make stuff like this up folks, you can’t. In an interview on the Meredith Viera Show.. things got a little hasty. We’d like to see Dash try to back track on this one.


Women Earn 24% Less Than Men on Average, U.N. Report Finds

Women are still earning significantly less money than men, despite working longer hours when paid and unpaid work is taken into account, a new U.N. report reveals… 163 more words

Feminism Speech

I  have to give a persuasive speech on Feminism, and decided to include the text. Enjoy :)

At 8 years old, she dresses for school in the morning. 971 more words

Just Speaking

Pay what you're paid

Elana Schlenker is starting a pop-up shop called 76<100 in Pittsburgh, where she charges women 76% of the retail price of any item, while men are charged the full ticket price. 

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Women and Money

Being a lady has definitely shaped my relationship to money. In this country, historically, women have been legally, socially and literally prevented from having access to money, earning money, owning property, having savings and entering high earning fields. 637 more words

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