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A US veterinary group's salary calculator docks your pay rate for being a woman

Recent female veterinary graduates can expect to make $2,400 less a year than their male counterparts—at least that’s what the statistics show.

The number recently came to light when the American Veterinary Medical Association put it in its starting salary calculator. 259 more words

Do They Get Any Dumber?

I know liberals think the Hollywood elite are people we should be worshiping, but honestly these people are really moronic idiots.

Take Michelle Rodriguez who compares Hollywood gender pay gap to slavery… 52 more words

Pay Gap

Unfair X-files

As everybody probably knows by now – the new X-files show is out – which for this Mulder and Scully fan was very exciting.

What was not so exciting to learn though, is about the pay dispute Gillian Anderson had to go through in order to receive equal pay to David Duchovny. 491 more words

PR and Women

Written by: Meagan Sullivan, AAE for

Over the years, it has been relevant that women are starting to overrun the work place. This is a big step up from where we were at just a few decades ago. 438 more words

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The Salary Gap Rort

Written by Follow Sports Like A Girl Co-Host Freya Logan

Salary cap issues in different codes have been all over the news recently; the Parramatta Eels being found to be in breach, the A-League considering making public player’s wages and the whole discussion playing out about equalisation in the AFL. 758 more words

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Juliette Binoche confronted Spielberg and Scorsese over lack of female leads

Actress Juliette Binoche has confronted both Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese over the lack of female leads in their films, she told audiences at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.   279 more words

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