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The €1.50 International Debate

Mind the pay gap!

How can €1.50 fuel an international debate on the gender pay gap? Through BVG’s ‘Frauenticket’, that’s how. In Germany, women are paid around 21% less than men, one of the largest pay gaps in Europe. 630 more words


EXCLUSIVE: 'Bollywood mindset has to change' - Esha Gupta talks about pay gap in the industry

Esha Gupta entered Bollywood a few years after she was crowned Miss India International in 2007. After appearing in Bollywood films like Total Dhaamal and Rustom, Gupta has become a household name in India. 437 more words


Women are paid less for a reason.

YES, I want to get your attention. Do I mean to offend you? NO, not exactly. I don’t intend this blog to be an opinion on the merit of this statement one way or the other, per se; what I do want is to invoke discussion and discourse about the data. 993 more words


Lying With Statistics: A Woman's Pay

I apologize for the long gap between posts. My new job has seriously cut into my time for working on my blog. I’m going to do my best to get on a semi-regular posting schedule from here on out. 1,410 more words


Gender Pay Gap Claims Do Not Make 'Cents'

The famous ‘Equal Pay Day’ was celebrated (for lack of a better term) on April 2 in the United States. The movement took over news cycles and social media for an entire day and was based on the discussion of women receiving unequal pay in comparison to their male counterparts. 851 more words

The pay gap for ethnic minorities

by Simonetta Longhi

In the UK, as in many other countries, ethnic minorities are paid on average less than the white British majority. Although the exact magnitude of the difference varies across studies due to the use of different data and methodology, the patterns are rather consistent. 524 more words

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Equal Pay Day: Not making as much as your male coworker? Here's what you can do

Brianne Cail wasn’t meant to find out that her male colleague was earning more money than she was.

Working as a content writer at an online publication, Toronto-based Cail found out that her company wasn’t paying employees equally after a few months of being on the job. 1,482 more words