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Women make less because they want to

There are lies, damn lies, and then statistics.  It is technically true that a wage gap exists in the United States.  If we examine in aggregate the wages of women overall and those of men, women on average make approximately 3/4 of what a man makes.   589 more words


The 'Factual Feminist' debunks stats about sexual assault and the wage gap

When Christina Hoff Sommers, a “former ’60s flower child” turned philosophy professor, began investigating academic feminism, she discovered numerous “mistakes, half-truths and untruths.”

“As a feminist and an academic, I felt the need to set things right,” she told USA TODAY College. 1,016 more words


EU-Integration and Labour Relations - Austria

By Monika Austaller, Tanja Elend, Halliki Kreinin
Image: Michael Gray

The recent “Brexit” referendum win as well as the rise of parties campaigning for other “exits”, can in many ways be thought of as the logical outcome of the paradoxes of the neoliberal labour relation policies that the EU has (largely) supported until now. 1,918 more words


The Real Cost of Experiences

This is becoming a really popular ideal among my generation, I think. Go out and do things, they tell you, don’t just rely on stuff to be happy. 300 more words


Rebuttal to "Ask the Headhunter"

Recently there was a discussion on Facebook regarding the Woman’s march. The subject of the “gender gap” came up. I took the position that there is no such gap and one person posted this article that tries to debunk the argument that there is no gap. 2,150 more words

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Hollywood pay gap: Why are female actors still paid less than men?

The film industry has always had iconic actresses to admire. From Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts to  Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and the lists goes on. 601 more words