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What should we make of the BBC gender pay gap?

I would like to believe (perhaps naïvely) that most people accept the principle that two individuals – one male, one female – doing exactly the same job ought to be paid the same wage. 862 more words

The BBC pay gap: Anchoring society to sexism.

(BBC Building Portland Place) [Image by Christine Matthews via Geograph]

It was met with outrage, surprise and shock- not least from this writer. Revelations earlier this month that the BBC was paying out such vast sums of licence- fee payer’s money on it’s flagship’s stars’ salaries after conditions in it’s… 640 more words


Pay gap: Indian CEOs earn up to 1,200 times more than the average employee

A huge pay gap between CEOs and other employees at Indian companies has come to the fore, with the biggest listed blue-chip firms doling out to their top executives salary packages of up to 1,200-times of their median employee remunerations. 824 more words

Pay gaps

It has been a surprising announcement last week.

Of course, we mean the Tv stations announcing the salaries. We knew that in general terms it has pay gaps have been a problem for a good while. 277 more words

Lessons Learnt? Understanding data and changing culture at the BBC

Thoughts from a gender pay gap data scientist


The last five days must have been somewhat of a headache for Tony Hall, BBC Director-General. First, the damning list of salaries that showed that lack of female high earners and gender pay disparity, followed by some of the BBC’s most high-profile female personalities writing a frank open letter calling him to “act now” to tackle the gender pay gap, rather than waiting until 2020 for it to be eliminated. 614 more words

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap is the difference in the remuneration of workers for the work of equal value based on the bifurcation of gender. As per the Monster Salary Index (MSI – Survey done by Monster.com in collaboration with IIM-A (sampling)) this gap is 27% in India which means for the same work a Man would get Rs. 1,158 more words