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3 College Savings Trends to Consider in 2015 (US News)

For many Americans, the beginning of the year is a time to set goals –goals that are often financial. And while getting out of debt, socking away cash for retirement and earning more income are all noble resolutions for 2015, for parents of children near college age and even younger, saving for college is likely at the top of the list.

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5 reasons why your financial aid package changed (The Prospect)

Finishing up this year’s round of FAFSA applications, you may have found that your package has changed since you last applied. The reasons for increases or decreases can range from differences on the government, school, or family side of the arrangements.

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7 Legal Ways to Squeeze More College Aid From the FAFSA (Time)

Filling out the 10 eye-crossing pages of the 2015-16 Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the most important application for need-based college financial aid, may not seem like a fun adventure in Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom.

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For parents, now begins the anxious waiting game for college financial aid (The Washington Post)

For the many high-school seniors who already have submitted their college admissions applications, the season of waiting for an acceptance letter has begun. For their parents, there’s a different anxiety-ridden waiting game: For the financial-aid offers that will spell out just how much this is all going to cost.

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The First Rule of College Financing (Wall Street Journal)

As a financial adviser, I’ve seen a variety of mistakes that parents and students make when it comes to missing ways to lower college costs. Some of the most common errors involve how and where money is saved.

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Is Your Financial Aid Offer the Best Offer? (College Financial Aid Advisors)

As a high school senior you and your parents are trying to make the best decision about which college you will choose. You want to attend a great school, but also need to make sure it is affordable.

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Avoid Losing Your Student Loan Eligibility (US News Education)

In addition to final exams, college students have something else to worry about this time of year: their financial aid for spring semester. While financial aid is generally calculated and scheduled in the fall for the full year, a student’s actions – or inaction – can cause that aid to be canceled for the spring.

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