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Spring break homework assignments are fun too

Writing a blog post during spring break is fun too, I guess. It’s gonna be a short one this week for two reasons: we didn’t do much, and I’m about to go to Pinnacles with my dad. 180 more words


How to prep for the SAT and ACT for little or no money (Market Watch)

Sure, the cost of higher education keeps getting, well, higher, with a private college now running more than $40,000 for tuition and room and board per year.

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Demystifying the Price of College (Forbes)

There are several key truths about paying for college: prices are going up, parents want to do all they can for their kids, and the real price families will pay is a mystery.

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Paying For School

How To Talk Your Teen Down from High-Priced Colleges (MainStreet)

“I want to go to University of Miami, because they have an awesome football team,” my daughter, then a junior in high school, announced. “Julie’s going there and I think I can get in, too.”

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3 College Savings Trends to Consider in 2015 (US News)

For many Americans, the beginning of the year is a time to set goals –goals that are often financial. And while getting out of debt, socking away cash for retirement and earning more income are all noble resolutions for 2015, for parents of children near college age and even younger, saving for college is likely at the top of the list.

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College Planning

5 reasons why your financial aid package changed (The Prospect)

Finishing up this year’s round of FAFSA applications, you may have found that your package has changed since you last applied. The reasons for increases or decreases can range from differences on the government, school, or family side of the arrangements.

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