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Thiruvanthanapuram - R & D hub

Thiruvanthanapuram not  only produces engineers but also scientists.  The city is a research and development hub and is home to a cluster of research centres.   A number of  institutions are engaged in science and technological research. 2,933 more words

Tracker 2 Progress with Transmitter

Well, things are starting to heat up here in good old Sydney Town, both weather wise and in the shack. I’ve been playing with the 2nd tracker and attempting to get it transmitting some RTTY, and finally tonight after several nights of learning I finally have it working. 413 more words


Further progress with GPS on Tracker 2

Connected my GPS up this evening to the Ublox U-center to confirm that everything was in working order. Changed the baud rate to 57600. (maybe someone can confirm if this is wise or not?) and yipee everything seems to be functioning. 165 more words


GPS Arrived for backup tracker

Just received in the mail a GPS Arduino Module with a Ublox NEO-7M chip which will be built into a 2nd stand alone tracker for the payload. 70 more words


Don't let me freeze

The air temperature at higher altitudes tends to be below freezing, thus there is a risk that the batteries in the payload won’t operate effectively. Batteries in cold climates are know to have a higher resistance and will usually become flat very quickly. 148 more words


APRS Tracker

My tracker has come along nicely and initial tests look good.

I started out with something similar to the LANMU UNO R3 Atmega328p Atmega16u2 2014… 128 more words



Initially, Matternet ONE will only be available by invitation. We’d like to meet you and better understand your needs to help you create a trusted network. 21 more words