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Payload Three Sawer Chat

Ingat tiap simcard tidak bisa menggunakan config/payload yang berbeda, contohnya config/payload indosat untuk simcard tri maka tidak akan konek, berikut payload untuk simcard three (sawer chat) 41 more words


Payload Free Indosat ooredoo

Bagi kalian yang gak suka kena dc kalian dapat membuat config sendiri, untuk tutorial membuat config bisa kalian cari di google dan bagi yang belum bisa membuat payloaad kalian bisa menggunakan payload yang telah admin simpan… 15 more words


OzHAB1 is Go for launch

After a long wait, the day has finally come where I hope to have a successful launch of my first ever Arduino based High Altitude Balloon project. 155 more words

Connecting chute and payload

I’ve reached a point where I am now securing the payload to the tie lines running up towards the chute and balloon. I want to have as much of the securing done prior to the launch day so I save time and potential last minute problems. 326 more words

High Altitude Balloon

Fitting Cameras in payload

Decided to use a Styrofoam Esky (Cooler, some people may call it) to house my payload. The small Esky usually stores up to 6 cans of soft drink so its not overly large. 400 more words


... What Part of " No " does North Korea not Understand ?? [#missile tech]...

.. those idiots have been told , time and time again . You are not to develop ballistic missile tech , not ever . So , what did the DPRK do ?? 162 more words

Personal Opinion

You can now build, cost, and launch an Atlas V rocket from your browser

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The United Launch Alliance has launched (!) a website that lets you specify, build, and eventually launch (!!) an Atlas V rocket carrying your precious cargo. 631 more words