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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer info and footage released

This year is definitely a very interesting one for online FPS players, and especially for fans of the two biggest titles on the market. While DICE’s Battlefield 1 showcases the context of WWI warfare, the guys from Infinity Ward decided to go with the total opposite approach and shift our attention to the future. 183 more words


A major SpaceX explosion seems to have just destroyed Facebook's first-ever satellite

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

A major explosion during a SpaceX pre-launch test Thursday seems to have destroyed Facebook’s first-ever satellite.

AMOS-6 was a project of Facebook’s Internet.org program to deliver internet to the developing world. 143 more words


Overwatch's Competitive Mode Is About To Get An Overhaul

(Source: kotaku.com)

Overwatch’s first competitive season is winding down in a couple days, but season two is set to kick off in a few weeks. 722 more words


FLAWLESS OFFENSE [Soldier 76 DEATHLESS Payload Push] (Overwatch - Xbox One)

Even more relentless offense! I play Soldier 76 on King’s Row, in a completely DEATHLESS match. Solid team combo with Noihara as Reaper, as well as our Mercy and Zarya, making for an unstoppable payload push. 75 more words


ARMORED CONVOY- Zarya + Reinhardt combo w/ Noihara [Overwatch]

AMAZING Payload push with Noihara, using the Zarya and Reinhardt combo. Alongside a third tank, the D’Va player on our team, we were an unstoppable train. 78 more words


Overwatch (PS4) -- Review

I’ve been a Blizzard junkie for most of my life, ever since the Starcraft/Diablo II days.  I still count D2 as one of my top all-time games.   2,006 more words


Payload Gotcha When Using Event Subscriptions

There have been many times most of us have spent spinning our wheels on trying to work through new technologies.  I’ve seen this more than once when getting to know vRealize Automation.   225 more words

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