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Humanitarian Cargo Delivery via Aerial Robotics is Not Science Fiction (Updated)

I had the opportunity to visit Zipline’s field-testing site in San Francisco last year after the company participated in an Experts Meeting on Humanitarian UAVs (Aerial Robotics) that I co-organized at MIT. 419 more words

Humanitarian Technologies

... What Part of " No " does North Korea not Understand ?? [#missile tech]...

.. those idiots have been told , time and time again . You are not to develop ballistic missile tech , not ever . So , what did the DPRK do ?? 162 more words

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Paladins recives Patch 12

Hi-Rez Studios released Patch 12 for Paladins, which includes two new game modes and few more interesting things. 271 more words


Msfconsole Detecting Kippo SSH Honeypots - Kali Linux

Msfconsole Detecting Kippo SSH Honeypots – Kali Linux

Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and, most importantly, the entire shell interaction performed by the attacker. 114 more words

Kali Linux

Metasploit modules

Metasploit is a framework to develop exploits and payloads; and launch them on vulnerable targets. When you think about it, Metasploit is just a collection of modules (written in Ruby). 178 more words


Understanding Security Vulnerability, Exploit and Payload

In the context of security, the weak points in a software are called vulnerabilities. For such a weak point to be considered a vulnerability, it should have an associated PoC (Proof of Concept) code that demonstrates the vulnerability or a way it can be taken advantage. 259 more words


Thiruvanthanapuram - R & D hub

Thiruvanthanapuram not  only produces engineers but also scientists.  The city is a research and development hub and is home to a cluster of research centres.   A number of  institutions are engaged in science and technological research. 2,933 more words