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[SWTOR] Dodging the Droid

The future of my dedication to SWTOR is uncertain, thanks to the kind-of-maintenance mode it’s in, but I don’t plan on leaving just yet. What I… 298 more words


Who’s in Charge Here?

I spent a couple of hours today discussing a topic that has become increasingly important in the world in which we live, and which would have completely mystified an earlier generation of physicians. 502 more words


[WildStar] There and Back Again

Despite my personal taste ultimately driving me away from the game, WildStar has always been a diamond in the rough in my mind. Seeing it struggling so hard was sad, especially because lots of the things that made people leave probably could’ve been avoided rather easily. 1,011 more words

Character Design

Guide for the Perplexed

It is clear that the way that health care gets paid for in the United States is undergoing rapid change. What is not at all clear, at least not to me, is exactly what the payment model will look like in the future, or how far off that future is. 142 more words

Health Care


In reply to my previous post, pskinner mentioned Trove, which apparently could be a crafter’s paradise. I saw that this morning, just before checking my mail… 276 more words


[ESO] Better late than never

Console launch.

About time, isn’t it? On the one hand I’m happy it’s finally happening, because more players mean better chances that ESO will stick around for a few years, but one the other hand the paid beta that which PC players were stuck left a bad taste in my mouth too. 37 more words


[WildStar] Financials and F2P rumours

Sooo the lurking finally paid off, I suppose. When I opened the forums today, two very interesting threads caught my eye – one about the Q1 financials of NCsoft, the other about a possible leak about a payment model shift on reddit. 388 more words

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