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…habe ich mich gestern Abend gefühlt, als ich nach der Abholung von Foodsharing, vor den 8 Tabletts voller belegter Brötchen und Bagel, süßem und herzhaftem Blätterteiggebäck, Muffins, Donuts und Streuseltaler zu meinen Kollegen wandte und sagte: “Also, ich brauch eigentlich nichts, wenn ihr mich nicht mehr braucht, würde ich gehen.” Mir dann den Sabber aus dem Mundwinkel wischte und tatsächlich nach Hause ging. 311 more words


Gamenight Carnage report

Writing on behalf of the game night hosted by Jeep.

Alright. Game night is back!

Lets get straight to the report, shall we.

Gamenight’s return has been a success. 295 more words


A Typical Sunday

Sooo, today started off so slow for me. This time change is really messing with my sleep schedule, so I decided to sleep in this morning to try to catch up on sleep… I needed it, I ended up sleeping for 11 hours. 107 more words


Game Night

GSA will be hosting our weekly game night tonight. As Jon is still in-dispose, I will be hosting this specific session tonight. It will be a few hours before I’m capable of getting online, but it will happen tonight. 46 more words


GSA Era 2 History Published

I have completed the story of GSA’s second era, the second of seven. This era describes GSA’s entry into PB2 and subsequent growth.

225 more words

Making a Flap

While oatmeal is my breakfast of choice I do occasionally crave a pancake.  I started making my own years ago using a recipe from the Good Housekeeping cookbook I received as a wedding gift.  562 more words

What I'm Cooking


Defined as: the moment you are thrown out of your house along with your running shoes, headphones and favorite playlist, and told not to come back until you have run out the snappy, overall B mood that you are in. 685 more words