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And Z is for Zauberwurzel

Zauberwurzel.  The traditional German folk name for the mandrake root.  This poisonous herb is historically used in folk magic for protection, fertility and prosperity.

Whole mandrake placed above the mantel  or on the head of the bed will protect against evil and negative energies.   208 more words


Ynys Witrin

“Isle of Glass” – the historic name for Glastonbury, aka the mystical isle of Avalon.

Anyone who is a fan of Arthurian legend is familiar with the legends of Avalon.   461 more words


Pagan Fashion Part II: Winter Wear

Since I began writing posts for the Pagan Blog Project, the most popular article on my blog (with nearly 1000 views) has been my piece on… 457 more words


Validity and Religious Pluralism

Spiritual/religious validity are topics that never go out of style within the Pagan community.  We can talk about them until the blue-faced cows come home.  And no matter how often or how many times we go over the same topic, it never fails to end in ruffled feathers and out-of-joint noses. 777 more words



Under is one of my little one’s favourite words at the moment.  When thinking of topics for the letter ‘U’ for the PBP, all I could think of was her little voice chanting “Unda!   397 more words


Twenty-Five Things

This idea came to me last night between waiting for the baby to fall asleep and wishing that I had heavier curtains so I didn’t have to stare at the damned street light outside my window all night long. 271 more words


I Can't Get No ...

Even if you’re not a Stones fan, you know the words ;)

Yes, friends, this article is about Satisfaction.  Much sought after, but rarely maintained for more than short periods, sometimes I wonder if human beings as a group know how to be satisfied. 696 more words