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Dear Anti-Austerity Alliance

Dear, Paul Murphy, Tommy Holohan, and the Anti-Austerity Alliance,

Let me start off by saying that politically you are my natural home. I agree with the vast majority of your economic and social policies. 1,290 more words


John Kelly Jr Interview

John Kelly Jr. is currently the TV voice of Men’s and Women’s Basketball for the US Merchant Marine Academy.

He is currently entering his third year on the call for US Merchant Marine Basketball Academy at Kings Point, New York. 2,772 more words

Play By Play

Tips For Running An RPG

Evenin’ all. Here is something I wrote with intent to get brand new GMs a bit more up to speed with the whole process. It was originally posted at RPNation and some of the material was drawn from a discussion about basic techniques posted on, I believe, a storygames forum – mostly I’ve tried to collate and expand on things. 2,471 more words


Tabletop RPG - to Hangout or not to Hangout?

Since leaving university many many years ago I’ve rarely found a good source of regular tabletop roleplaying games to participate in.  This usually means that I’ve either ended up running the session and not really getting to play at all or having no tabletop at all.   846 more words

One Rotten Apple

If Apple Paid Its Back Taxes, There Would Be No Need For Water Charges Or Property Taxes.

The European Commission has been investigating how Apple got away with paying a tax rate of just 2 percent on massive profits. 388 more words


Paris-Brest-Paris 2015, part 2: Y ont-tu l'affaire les Armoricains!

It wasn’t until after I had finished Paris-Brest-Paris that I learned the term “full-value rider”, for someone who purposely takes as much of the 90-hour time limit as possible to finish, but this had been my plan all along. 3,554 more words


Paris-Brest-Paris 2015, part 1: Les-brettoneux-qui-brettonnent

Oddly enough, the first “stage” of Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur was the one that worried me the most. It would be 220km until the first control point at… 3,221 more words