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…does man determine his self-worth by his career or financial situation? Is it really necessary to introduce yourself as a doctor outside of the office? Is it worth it to continue to remind everyone that your a writer with every post? 234 more words


Writing Distractions

A surge of consciousness spills over your thoughts like a stream of mighty waters. Waves of ideas that suddenly dance upon the mental workspace of your brain, a wide collection of inspiration collectively manipulating ideas, images, and symbols. 281 more words


Launch Date Reveal!

One of the most exciting aspects of Self-Publishing is being able to build up suspense for the next project at your own pace and I have (finally) set a date for the release of my next book. 69 more words


Storied Shorts

I mentioned the PBS Online Film Festival a few weeks back. Hope you had a chance to watch the films and pick your favorite. Regardless, the votes are in and we have a winner. 57 more words

Sullivan Ballou Letter

Watched the first episode of the PBS series on the Civil War directed by Ken Burns last night.  Wonderful series, and the letter below demonstrates the lost art of Letter Writing.   768 more words