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The Right Poem

When the right poem is born it is all feeling. Taste and touch and nourishment. All heart and aching and lifting. Poetry is a revolution with a profound sense of strength. 82 more words


When Did You Fall in Love with Writing?

No. Not when you started writing, but when you fell in love with it. I’ll go first.

Freshman year, High School, Survey Literature. Mr. Clark didn’t know it, but his vocabulary list had me open. 256 more words


Wednesday Trivia Question

What city was the first North Carolina stop for Antiques Roadshow?

Now in its twentieth season, the PBS series Antiques Roadshow has traversed the nation, separating treasure from trash since 1997. 140 more words


Vonnegut: Worried and Full of Hate

On the subject of being a writer, Vonnegut says “You must be terribly worried and secretly full of hate.”

I had no idea there was other people like me! 14 more words

Network: PBS TCA Wrap Up

“We are mindful that millions of Americans do not have access to cable or broadband in their homes. And we are committed to using our many platforms to bring more people in essential conversations.” … 116 more words


4 Reasons Why I Won't Change The Name of My Blog

Branding logic says that my blog should be called after my name. Had I thought of this before starting this blog, perhaps I would have ( 600 more words