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The Real Big Bird

To be perfectly honest, this was sort of a “big” deal to me. I had grown on up Big Bird and never actually seen the  444 more words

The Vietnam War: A Tragic Mistake?

W.J. Astore

I’ve watched the first three episodes of the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick series on the Vietnam War, which take us from the French colonial period beginning in the 19th century to the end of 1965 and a mushrooming U.S. 730 more words

US Politics

Let your Makefile make your life easier

This semester I’m taking my first official CS class here at Cornell, CS 5220 Applications of Parallel Computers taught by Dave Bindel (for those of you in the Reed group or at Cornell, I would definitely recommend taking this class, which is offered every other year, once you have some experience coding in C or C++). 766 more words

Endeavour, Seasons 1 - 4: A Review (spoiler free

If you haven’t been watching Endeavour, now is the time to catch up. Season 4 aired recently in the US, and what a season it was. 241 more words

Getting the Gulf of Tonkin Wrong

Are Ken Burns and Lynn Novick “Telling Stories” About the Central Events Used to Legitimize the US Attack Against Vietnam?

By James M. Williamson | …
1,090 more words
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Únete a LPRC para saludar a los Latinos en los medios públicos a través de “Más Shoutouts”

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Sí, queremos más Latinos en los medios de comunicación públicos y también queremos conocer dónde se encuentran los Latinos en los medios de comunicación públicos. 648 more words