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Clive James: Mortality and the Next Generation

Bill Moyers: You quote Edmond Wilson, who writes:

The knowledge that death is not so far away, that my mind and emotions and vitality will soon disappear like a puff of smoke has the effect of making earthly affairs seem unimportant, and human beings more and more ignoble. 232 more words


This weekend, focus not on your actions but instead, try to focus on your thoughts before they become actions. I guarantee then we are all bound to learn something new about ourselves.

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Why Antiques Roadshow is the Best/Worst

I am a bit hesitant to publicly admit my soft spot for Antiques Roadshow. But I have a blog now, so I guess it’s time to divulge some of my dirty secrets. 573 more words

Sacre bleu..... jeans! Who makes my jeans?

Knowing where your jeans are made is only the beginning. I decided to focus on  jeans made in China. Due to globalization and outsourcing most products we buy today are made in China. 435 more words


TV Review: 'Cancer: The Emperor Of All Maladies'

As if the subject needed any further resonance, “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” closes its three-night run acknowledging narrator Edward Herrman and producer/Stand Up to Cancer co-founder Laura Ziskin, who succumbed to the disease in December and 2011, respectively. 533 more words


Downton Abbey's Sixth Season Will Be Its Last

Producers of the popular British period drama Downton Abbey confirmed yesterday that the show’s upcoming sixth season will be its last.

“Our feeling is that it’s good to quit while you’re ahead,” executive producer Gareth Neame told the Associated Press. 111 more words


A Place to Go

I look around my house and I see dishes peering over the sink. They can wait. All the books on my bookshelf are once again on the floor, thanks to my 10 month old. 554 more words