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PBT Extra: What teams in West have a shot to knock off Golden State?

If Golden State stays healthy, and if Draymond Green can not piss off his teammates too much, the Golden State Warriors should come out of the Western Conference to the Finals. 46 more words

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PBT Extra: Can any team threaten Cleveland in the East?

So long as LeBron James is not wearing some kind of cast, as long as he is physically upright and able to play, it’s nearly impossible to imagine any team in the East keeping Cleveland from another trip to the Finals. 62 more words

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PBT Extra: More than money, Dwyane Wade chased respect to Chicago

Dwyane Wade is the greatest player in Miami Heat history.

But that wasn’t enough to keep him. It wasn’t just money, it was what the money represented — respect. 64 more words

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PBT Extra: Kevin Durant's move to Warriors puts pressure on him to win

With his move to Golden State, Kevin Durant heard it all — he’s taken the easy way out, he’s weak for not leading his own team and joining forces, even people calling him a coward. 111 more words


PBT Extra Free Agency Preview: Plenty of potential, plenty of risk in class of centers

One could argue that the center position is the deepest (or, at least second deepest) position in the 2016 free agent class.

But these are not lock guys that are available; there is a lot of risk and reward here. 101 more words

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PBT Extra Free Agency Preview: After Al Horford, power forward class drops off

Al Horford is the second best free agent available on the market this summer, behind some guy named Durant.

But after the versatile forward from Atlanta — who may be on the move if the Hawks balk at offering him a five-year max deal — the quality drops off quickly. 49 more words

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PBT Extra Free Agency Preview: LeBron, Durant headline strong small forward class

Small forward is the marquee free agent class of 2016.

LeBron James isn’t leaving Cleveland (yet), but Kevin Durant is next in line and he is taking meetings with a variety of teams — he… 54 more words

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