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PBT Extra: DeAndre Jordan's flip-flop was entertaining, but not professional

You’d be hard pressed to find a more entertaining day of free agency than what went down on July 8 — from emoji travel wars to Blake Griffin’s… 121 more words

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PBT Extra: List of teams that lost at free agency starts with Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are going to be a good team next season. They had the best offense in the NBA last season, they still have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, not to mention quality role players such as Paul Pierce and J.J. 93 more words

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PBT Extra: Spurs lead Texas winners in NBA Free Agency

There are questions if you want to be picky: LaMarcus Aldridge has never led a team deep into the playoffs before. Aldridge and Tim Duncan have similar games (they both prefer the left block) games, how do they mesh? 87 more words

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PBT Extra: Free agent signings we didn't love

There is certainly truth in the idea that there are no terrible contract decisions being made this summer — even if you overpay a guy who doesn’t fit, in two years when the salary cap is $108 million instead of $69, you’ll be able to move the problem pretty easily. 75 more words

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PBT Extra: Five best free agent signings in the first days of free agency

The best signing is locking up the best player for the longest time. That’s why the New Orleans Hornets locking up Anthony Davis for at least four years is a brilliant signing. 117 more words

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PBT Extra: Will DeMarcus Cousins situation impact Kings in NBA Draft?

Nobody is sure exactly what the Sacramento Kings are doing. Including, apparently, the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings’ owner and his GM have been clear, there are no plans to trade… 123 more words

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PBT Extra: Talking NBA Draft, what will Sixers do at No. 3? What teams might trade up?

This much I feel safe in predicting about the NBA Draft Thursday night: Everyone’s mock drafts will be well off.

That’s because once you get past the first two picks — the Timberwolves taking Karl-Anthony Towns and the Lakers taking Jahlil Okafor — things get unpredictable. 100 more words

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