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“Pink” bullying, the solution of Julia's parents

If they are victims or perpetrators it’s not important. Parents need to know it. They have the duty as well as the right, to inform themselves. 414 more words

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A warning about teenagers photos sharing. They end up in child pornography sites

We have repeatedly stressed the great importance of parental controls on the PC used by their children and the every day news give us ample confirmation. 466 more words

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How to control students’ access to internet and local apps with Sanako Study 1200

Straight from the documentation, straight under your fingertips in the tutor interface, and most useful during assessments, but also for individual students that won’t stay on task.


Kidnappers gang luring girls through Facebook

A group of people has kidnapped a thirteen year old student. The girl was carried several miles away from home by an adult known via Facebook… 326 more words

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1 out of 6 women cheats on her husband

The number of women who cheat on her husband for the past 20 years has risen of 40%, a growth that makes understand that the… 302 more words


Tools to understand if the partner is cheating on you

Love and technology, sometimes, go together, above all when they are women to use computing instruments.

According to a study by the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, ladies, through… 304 more words


Rejected the EU “porn ban” proposal

A wave of protests has risen as a result of the proposal, discussed by the EU Parliament, for the elimination of all forms of… 303 more words