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Traincontroller 51 - New Switchboard Elements : Gates and Crossovers

Version 9 has a few new switchboard items available:

A: The space saving crossover. Formerly, to enable trains to switch between two parallel tracks, it took 4 junctions. 143 more words


Traincontroller 50: Change the Content of a Text Field by Using a Text Variable

Text in a text field on the switchboard can dynamically be updated, triggered by events that take place somewhere on the layout. We use a text-variable to accomplish this. 141 more words


Traincontroller 49: Use HTML to Simulate an LCD Display

Since it is possible in TC9 to use HTML code inside text elements we can simulate all kinds of graphics using ‘style’ commands. Let’s see how we can turn the counter we made in the… 87 more words


Traincontroller 48: Use a Numerical Variable as a Counter

Variables are one the great additions to TC 9. A variable is a named memory location where we can store information, like a text or a number. 101 more words


Traincontroller 47: HTML in Text Fields

In TC9 we can use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code inside text fields. This makes that we can use styling, like different font sizes, (background) colors, borders and more, in one and the same text field. 50 more words


Traincontroller 46: Switchboards and Switchboard Windows

In TC9 Switchboard Windows are introduced. Unfortunately they have given some confusion. It may help when you think of switchboards and switchboard windows in a similar way as engines and engine windows. 85 more words


Traincontroller 45: Comment Pins

One of the new features of TC9 are the Pins that can be shown on the switchboard. There are three categories:

1: Dr. Railroad pins. Dr. 165 more words