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Assassin's Creed Origins Review


Assassin’s Creed Origins is less of a continuation but more of evolution for the decade-long franchise. As a long time fan since 2010 with… 1,504 more words

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Buying coke

Lisa Double-Cap goes to the Nuka Cola-factory.


Lara Croft Go (PC) Review

This is one of those games that I own that I have no idea how I own them or how they managed to get onto my steam library, but after noticing I finally got around to playing the game and now it is time for a review. 468 more words

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Kero Blaster (PC) Review

This is a game I have heard about but I have not seen anything about, so for the first time for a long time I went into a game totally blind and looking forward to finding out what the game looks like. 613 more words

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AereA Review


AereA is a Diablo-like action-RPG game by Sodesco and Triangle Studios where players explore the musical world of Aezir. Though there are minor touches of creativity, unfortunately AereA is a poorly painted imitation of similar games in the genre. 694 more words

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Gravity Quest

Think of a video game like a strand of Christmas lights. If one doesn’t work, the whole strand doesn’t. It only takes one thing being off about a game to make it so you can’t enjoy the rest of it. 694 more words


Emily is Away (PC) Review

This is a game I have seen many different youtubers play, but I have never seen any footage of it as I wanted to keep it a surprise, but if so many people are playing the game then it must be good, right? 486 more words

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