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Hitman Episode 4 Review

Putting the “Bang” in Bangkok

Leaving the busy fashion show of Paris and the sprawling cities of Marrakesh and Sapienza behind him, Agent 47 decides to check in to the Himmapan luxury hotel. 846 more words


PC: Fran Bow (2015)

The prologue is tense, and it only gets bloodier!

Yay! Second game to review and it’s been a blast playing on my FINALLY repaired gaming laptop. 875 more words

Lets Play

PC: OZMAFIA!! (2016) - first thoughts

First post on this new blog, yay, and imported straight from tumblr! And also the first opportunity to spread some otome love, as I will strive to include varied genres of games on here and dating sims do need more love in the English-speaking blogosphere I wager. 1,058 more words

Lets Play

Mandagon and Baezult

Mandagon purports to be loosely based on Tibetan philosophy. My knowledge of that is limited to slogans seen on bumper stickers and t-shirts, so I’m not exactly an expert on it. 856 more words

Indie Games

ABZÛ Review

You’ll never want to resurface.

Call it a diving simulator, a mahi-mahi riding simulation, or whatever you like — it doesn’t change the fact that… 1,118 more words


Hitman Summer Bonus Episode Review

Lights, Camera, Assassination

Agent 47 is spending his summer vacation by doing what he does best: murder unsuspecting people. This time, he’s returning to some familiar locations. 438 more words


PC Vs Console: Game Availability

So last week BGG got to pick the topic in which we discussed being comfort while gaming, and after both posts had been posted we talked for a little while and decided between us who should win. 539 more words