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No, I don’t hate punishers. I’m actually quite fond of them, when they’re done right. Where the point isn’t a high body count or angering the player with tedious trial and… 894 more words

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Press X to Not Die

I hate FMV games, so I can’t pretend I went into Press X to Not Die completely neutral. They’re something that had novelty appeal before my time. 1,086 more words


There Was a Caveman

There Was a Caveman is one of the most remarkable games I’ve played for IGC. That doesn’t necessarily make it a good game. It’s a fairly bland platformer that is sort of a punisher, but kind of too easy to be that as well. 1,266 more words

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Transformers Devastation Review

Almost Meets the Eye

Activision announced at E3 2015 that Platinum would be developing a Transformers game. Platinum’s involvement and the short time between reveal and release made it look like… 929 more words


F.T.L.: Faster Than Light Review

By William Shelton

Release Date: September 14, 2012

Systems: PC (Reviewed), IOS

Developer: Subset Games

Rating: N/A

Metacrtic Score: 84(PC)

Reviewing FTL in my usual manner is an exercise in futility. 1,013 more words

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Gon' E-Choo!

Gon’ E-Choo, with characters based on some web comic, is a tribute to the 1982 Nintendo arcade classic Popeye. And by tribute, I mean the type of tribute that usually ends with a star-struck fan appearing in front of a judge and being told not to come within 1,000 yards of their idol. 712 more words

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Axiom Verge Review

By William Shelton

Release Date: May 14, 2015
Systems: PC (Reviewed), PS4
Developer: Tom Happ
Rating: T
Metacrtic Score: 80 (PC)

It’s been five years since the last Metroid game, eight since the last good one and eleven years since “Zero Mission”, the last game done in the classic 2D style. 1,364 more words

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