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Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight (PC) Review

I can’t even remember buying this game, so it was a bit of a shock when it came to looking through my steam library for a new game to play. 527 more words

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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Review

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is Omega Force’s venture into what I’d call a reverse-musou, where instead of battling hundreds of enemies at once you’re battling different sized Titans and aiming for weak points to decimate your gigantic enemies. 501 more words

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Omori Steps Out of the WHITE SPACE for New Trailer

Development on Omori has been a long and tough process. Originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2014, the creative team behind Omori has faced technical issues in bringing the project to fruition. 200 more words


Super Duper Flying Genocide 2017

Over the course of 43 minutes of playtime, I unlocked all 329 (!) achievements Super Duper Flying Genocide 2017 has. That’s an average over seven-and-a-half achievements per minute. 837 more words


Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

I was born in 1989, years after the NES was released in the United States. My first consoles were the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. My late-teenage years were spent playing Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 1,371 more words


Santa's Special Delivery

Key to indie success: make a game so jaw-droppingly obscene people like me who get off on that stuff check it out just to see how truly desensitized we are. 656 more words


Hitman Season 1 Review

An Absolution For the Franchise

The sixth entry of the 16 year old Hitman franchise, simply titled Hitman, took on an episodic release instead of the traditional full release of the others. 1,093 more words