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Iron Snout

Iron Snout feels like a better presented version of one of those crappy LCD games Tiger Electronics used to make that your aunts would get you for Christmas because she heard you like video games. 587 more words

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Protip: don’t name your indie puzzler after a polarizing 90s Robin Williams flick. People might purchase it under the mistaken belief that you’ll get a chance to avenge Ruffio’s death. 441 more words


Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

I swore up and down I would never review this, despite dozens of requests. Among other things, my site barely makes it through Google with safe search turned on as it is. 829 more words

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InnerSpace Review


Creating a game is hard. Really hard. But after a successful Kickstarter and over four years of hard work, the independent video game development studio based in Texas, … 579 more words

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Wolfenstein II: The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe DLC Review

The frigid embrace of concrete stirs you from a sadistic dream, as roaches scurry to abandon their investigation.  A warm glow permeates the opaque reality of confinement, as maniacal screams echo from down the hall.   1,027 more words

Assassin's Creed Origins Review


Assassin’s Creed Origins is less of a continuation but more of evolution for the decade-long franchise. As a long time fan since 2010 with… 1,504 more words

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Buying coke

Lisa Double-Cap goes to the Nuka Cola-factory.