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Hitman Summer Bonus Episode Review

Lights, Camera, Assassination

Agent 47 is spending his summer vacation by doing what he does best: murder unsuspecting people. This time, he’s returning to some familiar locations. 438 more words


PC Vs Console: Game Availability

So last week BGG got to pick the topic in which we discussed being comfort while gaming, and after both posts had been posted we talked for a little while and decided between us who should win. 539 more words

PC VS Console: Comfort?

PC VS Console: Comfort?

So the first part of our series on which is the master race, we have decided to talk about how comfortable we are playing with our chosen gaming device. 429 more words

Hitman Episode 3 Review

This Hit is a Miss

Agent 47 continues his globe trotting murder spree, this time in the Moroccan city Marrakesh. Unfortunately, this trip is not as successful as the last two. 691 more words


Neon Chrome Review


Games in recent years have begun blending their genres in new and interesting ways. Role-Playing games and Science-fiction elements paired with a first-person shooter gave birth to… 829 more words


Stories: The Path of Destinies Review


Making a decision is always difficult. Should I eat a bagel with cream cheese or a bowl of oatmeal? Am I going to take the highway or see the scenic route? 710 more words


Hitman Episode 2 Review

It’s a me, Agent 47!

After a month of waiting, 47 has moved on from the City of Light to the coastal Italian town of Sapienza, where the adventure is even better than the last. 897 more words