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[PC Tip] Improving Graphics on Automobilista & Game Stock Car titles

Both Automobilista (and Mother title Game Stock Car/GSC Extreme) don’t feature the most up-to-date graphics engines, but there is a tweak for NVIDIA GPU owners, which can hugely improve Texture filtering and Anti-aliasing within the title(s). 50 more words


Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is capable of playing just about anything you can throw at it, but did you know that includes YouTube videos

How to Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player… 38 more words

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Adjust your AutoPlay settings in Windows 10

Few features in Windows have as colored a history as AutoPlay. In its early days, the setting was infamous for passing viruses from errant USB drives to PCs. 427 more words

PC Tips

How to clean your laptop at home

Are you fed up with the slow performance of your laptop? Is your laptop over heating so much that you’re unable to work? Do you want your laptop to work the way it used to when it was brand new? 599 more words

How to deal with a virus infected computer

How to deal with a virus infected computer – Using a laptop / computer will be very pleasant either for work, play games, surf the net and do other things when the device is not problematic. 568 more words


How to care for laptop/computers

How to care for laptop/computers we aimed for users who feel annoyed at these devices that decreased performance or becomes slow / slow. By reading this article, in the hope that the users computer / PC or laptop will be able to return your device to enjoy it to the maximum Prominent. 748 more words

Troubleshoot 'no display' problem of your computer

Now troubleshoot your computer’s “no display” problem by your own

People usually call a computer technician when they found, that there is no display on their computer screen after booting, its a very serious problem and without any display you cannot operate your computer. 494 more words