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This PC chick may end up an Apple fanboy

I have pretty much always been a PC girl. Mainly owning laptops over desktops. One time in high school I finagled my mother into buying me a Mac because I saw one in the Media room of my high school. 440 more words


PC vs Mac Operating Systems

Ugh…..its me Wade Wilson here again to make another boring blog post about computers. As if they weren’t just as boring the first few times. Its not like i get paid for this. 380 more words

Deadpool Helps

Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

I find myself very focused on my PC these days and I wanted to discuss some of the action surrounding this beast of mine.

First, a preface: 672 more words


My computer thinks I'm gay. I threw that piece of junk away.

Trying New Things: #13

I hope that’s not unlucky because I’ve just bought my first Mac. A little baby (tax-deductible) MacBook Air for going back to school. 115 more words


Why to choose PC over Mac

In computer technology, there is a little battle between the best computer, PC vs Mac. I believe PC is the best since it can cheaper, has more functions than the Mac, and is a lot more cheaper. 126 more words

First post? Yes, I think so...

Working on PC’s is *such* a pain in the ass…

There’s no denying it… PC’s suck!!

PC Vs Mac