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10 Overhyped Videogames That Flopped Like a Fish

Every gamer knows there’s nothing worse than a highly anticipated video game that turns out to be a huge mess. All the hopes and dreams created by the trailers are immediately shattered by a faulty gameplay, a multitude of glitches, botched combat mechanics and an inconsistent storyline. 806 more words

Planet Coaster: A Fun Ride... For The First Fifty Hours At Least.

Intro: A brief history of the genre

I have been playing amusement park management games since I was tiny. I remember playing Theme Park on the Sega Mega Drive (or ‘Genesis’ for the yanks) and recall the seemingly limitless possibilities and the awe that it inspired within me (I also remember constructing a park called ‘Bog Land’ with my sibling that was entirely made of toilets in a grid… it wasn’t a profitable venture). 813 more words


Australian Uni Believes Men Should Be Less Vocal

Students at the University of Melbourne have been taught via workshops on “male privilege.” These classes were a result of complaints by other students, who claimed they were being talked over in class…and that loud males had made them second guess their opinions. 558 more words

Opinions on... Abzu

Upon first impressions, everything about Abzu is curious. From its peculiar sounding name to the endless screenshots and videos showing vast ocean vistas and teeming hordes of marine wildlife,there’s very little that actually gives away what to expect when you plunge into the depths. 855 more words


Download Iphone Apps Via Pc

Download iphone apps via pc

How to download and install an app on an iPhone or iPad. How to download and install an app on an iPhone or iPad Download apps via your PC. 579 more words

Download Iphone Photos Onto Pc

Download iphone photos onto pc

I can connect my iPhone to USB but it will not download How do you get iPhone 4 pictures downloaded to Windows 8 transfering photos to your computer does Jan 13, 2017 How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 Photos App. 582 more words