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10 'Smart' Products that is Clearly Designed For Stupid Rich People

For those of you WHO don’t seem to be the right age to recollect the pre-smartphone world, carrying little computers in our pockets and on our wrists has saved humanity from the burden of walking around with physical maps, phone books, and human secretaries. 2,225 more words


Gaming - RIP Brian Vigneault

Now that I am done with school and received my 2nd college degree I have a lot more free time when I am off work. I have been catching up on my #nerdstatus by playing a lot more PC games and sitting on my butt a lot more! 79 more words


The truth about dodos

Yes, it’s me the wench.

So yesterday once again I awoke inside the floor. Sigh. I also dragged rikku’s body out from the house foundations but I’ll be honest, was tempted to leave her there for her lack of dodo care. 259 more words



yes you—


 Trust the Americans to come up with the perfect word for the moment, every time. Boom boom!

Oops, moving on; here be your quote— 216 more words


Check Out Robo♥beat's For Honor Review

Ashley Hagood goes in for some “medieval multiplayer mayhem” (her words, not mine!) 178 more words


Marvel New Avenger Game Stands Alone

We have a new Avengers game coming Marvel and fans might wonder if it will tie into any of the existing cannon. With the movies being a big success and changing many shows you can see why. 147 more words


Hints to Alan Wake 2?

By guest writer Halacy Kurenski

If you take the persona of Charlie Sheen, the talent of Stephen King and a dash of Dick Tracy’s attitude and detective skills you get Alan Wake. 692 more words