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Hitman: Bangkok Review

Bangkok Dangerous

Himan’s newest mission-set in a lavish hotel in Bangkok-is one of the more whimsical episodes yet. Tasked with taking out the usual standard of just two targets-Jordan Cross, the lead singer of a rock group called The Class; as well as his own lawyer. 450 more words


Hitman: Summer Bonus Episode Review

‘A Stealthy Summer’

Have you ever wanted to dress up as fortuneteller and assassinate a target with a crystal ball? Or better yet, infiltrate a film set with the sole task of taking out a malicious and conceited hollywood actor/director? 340 more words


Hitman: Marrakesh Review

‘Murderous Misstep’

Hitman’s third location takes Agent 47 to the cultured and trepid location of Marrakesh. Tasked with assassinating two targets, a general taking refuge in an abandoned school, the other a corrupt banker that is held up inside the Swedish embassy. 451 more words


Inside: Review

‘Beauty on the Inside’

What’s there to say about Inside? Maybe I could go on profusely about how much polish and attention to detail developer Playdead put into their six years of development? 574 more words


New Off-Screen Photographs of Resident Evil 7 from CEDEC

Some new photographs of Resident Evil 7 have appeared from CEDEC. There are a total of 23 photos which showcase different scenes. 126 more words


Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V (Review of the Single Player Mostly, played on PC)

When I first started playing this game, I was worried that it might be kind of crap. I know the reviews have generally been positive, but the idea of splitting the single player campaign into three separate characters sound like a hassle that would slow down or break apart the flow of the story. 554 more words

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