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Etching circuit boards

I’ve had this idea for a good while now, and I’m excited about how it’s gone so far. I don’t know why I have such an issue with mechanical switches, but I’m always looking for an alternative. 37 more words



Larry J. | Ft. Lauderdale, FL – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project  |  WiFi-Enabled Marine Shore Power Conditioner.

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BasicPCB Customer Projects

Why does KiCad really suck


What follows is a rather harsh criticism on KiCad – a freeware PCB CAD.

I should probably start from stating the fact that I have some system analysis background and I have been popularizing Linux more than 20 years. 2,194 more words

Hidden Pins

Illuminated Switch Breakout Board

Spencer M. | Rosenberg, TX – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project  |  Breakout board for illuminated tact switch with through holes for resistor (one for LED and one for Arduino protection). 10 more words

BasicPCB Customer Projects

[CNLohr]’s Glass PCB Fabrication Process

One of ’s bigger claims to fame is his process for making glass PCBs. They’re pretty much identical to regular, fiberglass-based PCBs, but is building circuits on microscope slides. 398 more words


PCB? Tiny town!

I love the look of components on a PCB. It’s like an aerial photo of a town.

Big hulking buildings connected by roads and streets, surrounded by wonderous green nature.

It’s so peaceful.


Self-made GamePad

Let’s continue our experiments with OWI Robotic Arm Edge and today will touch unnoticed part of the kit: gamepad.

This gamepad from the kit is absolutely dull: it does nothing except closing the circuit and, depending on the current direction, allows rotating the arm left or right, up or down. 133 more words