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PCB Arrived

The Printed Circuit Boards for the prototypes of the Talisman version 1 arrived. The quality of the manufacture looks good and there are no obvious errors. 91 more words

Retrotechtacular: Tinkertoy and Cordwood in the Pre-IC Era

It is widely accepted that Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionized thought in Europe and transformed the Western world. Prior to the printing press, books were rare and expensive and not generally accessible. 1,400 more words

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KICAD 4: BJT Oscillator

When beginning with electronics you’ll get introduced to alot of beginner projects. One of those probably uses the 555 timer IC to generate pulses that make LEDs flash or speakers buzz. 178 more words

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KICAD 3: LM386 Amplifier With Bass Boost

After finishing the 3 component modules I wanted more of a challenge. I looked up the datasheet of the infamous LM386 audio opamp that is featured in many cheap audio applications. 85 more words

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When looking at different electronics webshops that sell modules to make life easier, I got shocked by the way they turn any electrical component into a module. 132 more words

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KICAD 1: Buzzer Module

When starting with KiCAD I found out it was fairly easy to design PCB’s. To keep training my skills I did some small projects. One of these projects is a module that simply contains a buzzer, a potentiometer and some male headers. 50 more words

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