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Top 10 data security tips for small business

Every year for USA TODAY, I write an annual top trends in business column to start the year. For the past few years, there has been one issue that has made my Top 5 consistently, and it wasn’t mobile, social media, or technology. 21 more words


Tommy King Memorial Cardiovascular Symposium, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, May 20, 2017

Tommy King Memorial Cardiovascular Symposium

Saturday CEUs in Boston, May 20

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

Boston, MA

May 20

7:30am – 3pm


Frontiers In Cardiology And Cardiovascular Disorders

How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Online Criminals

Today’s online criminals have the ability to move faster and more covertly than ever before. They’re out to get you, and they’re exploiting every vulnerability. Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, here are four ways to protect yourself. 28 more words


Cybersecurity Essentials to Protect Your Small Business from Hackers

American Small businesses are becoming one of the top targets for global hackers. While a solid deadbolt on the front door and a set of security cameras scoping out the parking lot are still sensible ways to keep your place of business safe and secure, there are a lot more potential security issues lurking in your unassuming laptop or WiFi router than in the physical building itself, and they deserve every business owner’s serious attention. 9 more words


Intercontinental Hotels Suffer Major Card Breach

The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been forced to reveal yet another major data breach of customer card details over the latter part of 2016. In a lengthy missive on Friday, the group explained that an unspecified number of IHG hotels run as franchises were affected between September 29 and December 29 last year. 7 more words


SecurityMetrics 2017 PCI Guide Simplifies PCI Compliance Process

/PRNewswire/ — Many businesses still struggle with PCI compliance, making them vulnerable to data attacks. According to SecurityMetrics’ latest forensic data, the average merchant, at the time of data compromise, wasn’t compliant with at least 47% of PCI DSS requirements. 26 more words