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Local Hacker Discovers Card Edge Connectors

When was looking around for the absolute minimum connector for a JTAG adapter, he wanted something small, that didn’t require expensive adapters, and that could easily and reliably connect a few JTAG pins to a programmer. 306 more words

Tool Hacks

PCI Campus Ministry

Today in Chapel the various PCI groups on campus described what exactly their ministries are. (PCI stands for Practical Christian Involvement.) The basic idea is that Bryan College really encourages and promotes students to serve the community as Christian examples. 147 more words


What is Sound Card?


Usually, A Sound Card has connection ports for both microphones and speakers. The Sound Card is generally assigned to IRQ 5 and I/O Address 220h. 82 more words

Three Things CIOs Need From You

Three Things You Can Do To Earn A Seat At The Table

Continuing from yesterday’s topic on, Things Sales People Do That CIOs Hate, last week’s keynote also covered three things CIOs really need…and can’t easily get internally. 325 more words


Sweet Memories

Dia Duit,

I’ll start by saying this is a long one. So grab your smoking jacket, get yourself a coffee/tea/hot chocolate/hot toddy/mulled wine or mulled cider, and get comfortable! 2,269 more words

PCI Moderator urges support for Wycliffe Bible Translators

“Wycliffe Bible Translators are vital in supporting the life and witness of the worldwide church, so to this end I would like to encourage congregations to support them in any way they can,” said Dr.

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Bible Translation

The Maester's Collections: Stable Coronary Artery Disease


Managing stable ischemic heart disease is challenging in our current age of readily available PCI and improving stent technology.  To paraphrase Shakespeare,

First, we should define the severity of cardiac symptoms, so that everyone is on the same page. 1,015 more words