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Do Change Orders Need to be in Writing and Other Things That Might Surprise You

You’ve likely heard it before or maybe you’ve even said it yourself: “Go ahead and get started, we’ll get you a change order later.”

The only thing is, “later” never happens, and after you’ve finished performing the work you find yourself in a fight over whether you’re entitled to get paid for the work you performed. 1,065 more words

Breach Of Contract

Life After Infertility- If you are struggling with infertility, please read this. 

I have several friends who are struggling with infertility right now. I want them, and everyone else struggling with infertility, to know that even though I have had babies, I still remember all the pain and heartache that comes with infertility. 1,016 more words

Hair rescue plan

My hair is in dire need of some TLC. It’s so brittle I’m at the risk of getting an unintentional haircut. As if intentional haircuts weren’t bad enough. 661 more words


Seen and Heard: Politics & Policy in the PMO

Alexa Greig

“I’m here because we were fired by the voters,” noted Sean Speer, in his opening remarks. Beside him, Chaviva Hosek nodded knowingly. Later in the discussion, she matter-of-factly added: “All democratic governments lose elections, thank god. 1,228 more words

Public Policy

ivf cycle 1 begins

The planning appointment with the nurse last Thursday chucked us another bit of unwelcome news: my ovaries, previously showing as ‘multicystic’ were now appearing polycystic, with 12+ on one and 15+ on the other. 634 more words