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Beginnings (an overview)

Since I was a tiny little girl, I’ve always dreamed about the day when I would have my own little person, dreamed about being pregnant, the feeling of this life growing inside me, the joy that would fill both me and my husband, the look on his face when he first saw our child, working out whether they looked more like him or more like me…those dreams, like the picture above, feel a bit more fuzzy now. 575 more words


The Privy Council Office needs some new computers — and they want to buy Apple, not Windows

Fun piece by David Akin on PCO’s purchase of Apple. As a long-time Mac user, was frustrated by the corporate IT folks who were overly slavish with respect to Windows and Blackberry. 788 more words


I'm afraid to have kids!

“People keep telling me I’m going to regret not having kids.
But what if I have one, and then I regret having it?”
-Karl Pilkington… 1,842 more words


All this time I have been longing for children.

All this time we have struggled, and hoped, and cried without use.

Again and again have we had hope torn away. 50 more words


Different Strokes for Different Folks

The World of Eyeliners

Gel, liquid and cream, oh my! Eyeliner comes in all different application types, and formulas; brands and qualities. How are you supposed to know which type is right for your expertise level or for the look you are trying to achieve? 484 more words


I want my afghan back

Yes, you broke my heart. I tried to be grown-up. I tried to be a good friend to you when you turned your back on me on purpose. 194 more words

Will Millwall be made homeless by Lewisham Council

Millwall could be forced to leave their New Den ground, which has been their home for 23 years by the very people who should be protecting their local population – Lewisham Council. 189 more words