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Recent Listening: Penguin Cafe, The Imperfect Sea.

Not to be confused with The Penguin Cafe Orchestra that disbanded upon the untimely death of its leader Simon Jeffes in 2007, the Penguin Cafe is actually a different band, although it includes some of the previous members and is led by Simon Jeffes’ son, Arthur. 265 more words


Why I stopped being vegan

I love YouTube. It frequently makes me feel Oh good, it’s not just me!

Which is a main reason why I keep watching Why I stopped beaing vegan… 723 more words


Blackbird II

I don’t understand. Why? Why put me through this pain?

You know why.

Yes. No. No.

Why not?

It is all… Pointless attempts to find purpose in pain. 278 more words



Blood. I’m bleeding. I hurt, am torn apart.

Mind and body, torn apart.

I search for meaning,

meaning beyond hope.

Am I meant to be crushed? 11 more words



For two days now a blackbird has caught my eye. Not accidentally, I assure you, it has quite worked for that attention. Hopping around on the roof, flapping around the windows, sitting on the window cross, knocking on the window and peering inside. 136 more words


Woes of Waiting (IVF in progress)

Why oh why does pretty much every early symptom of pregnancy have to likewise be a symptom of an incoming period? This uncertainty is hell! 157 more words


It has been more than a month since my last blog post, and for that I apologize! I really do not usually go that long in between… And I have certainly had things to say, it is not for lack of contents that I have stayed off.   229 more words