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Once in Arkansas, we made a quick drive through of Van Buren Historic District, it was an unplanned detour but I thought it was well worth it as it was very pretty. 158 more words

5 Things a PCS and PMS Share

It’s been about a year since I first wrote this blog post for Army Wife Network and after enduring another move (this time hopefully permanent) I find these words to still hold true…. 481 more words

DIY Cleaning Supplies

If your home is undertaking a deep clean, don’t rush out and buy expensive cleaning supplies. Instead, look around your home for the items listed below. 390 more words

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Some fantastic tips on how to make environmentally friendly cleaning supplies out of everyday things like vinegar, salt, lemon peels, and baking soda! See what you could be doing to make your home a little cleaner.

the ending of an era

so Thursday I will be 32 weeks with sweet little Mikaela…wow..talk about time going by fast. Yesterday started to count down to the last few weeks in Lawton. 463 more words

You Can Easily Turn Your Spring Cleaning, Into Some Extra Cash For The Upcoming PCS Season.

Spring is upon us, you know what that means. Time to give the home a deep cleaning and do some organization before the PCS move. More often than not you will realize that you have tons of stuff that you rarely use so it gets boxed up and moves to the next duty station in the box, or sits an attic collecting dust when it could be making you money! 717 more words


Honey, we have orders! First things first!

You just got orders…First Things First!

Hello! My name is Nicole, and my husband, Michael, and I just completed our PCS (Permanent Change of Station) move overseas to Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan. 1,765 more words