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How Are You Feeling?

Kayla McCabe, 129 YinD

Less than two months to go! Are you freaking out yet? If so, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Saying goodbye to one world only to dive headfirst into who knows what is hard in itself. 739 more words


Counting the Cost

So like my Sustainability post, this is one I plan to work on throughout my time in the Peace Corps. I’m writing it primarily with potential volunteers in mind, but of course anyone interested in what my Peace Corps experience is/was like is more than welcome to read it. 3,574 more words



April 5, 2017

So this post is going to be a little different. I plan to update it throughout service and post it at the end (although the release date might change because as I’m typing that I realize that’ll be a crazy long post). 2,403 more words


Training and Reconnecting

This weekend my two site-mates were both gone to Chișinau! That’s because the Health Education (HE) and Community and Organizational Development (COD) programs were both participating in the Fall In-Service Training (IST), which I was fortunate to take part in about two weeks ago with my fellow English Education (EE) volunteers.  111 more words


Guyana Love

Moving to Guyana has been filled with challenges and opportunities. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all the things I love about Guyana. 2,327 more words


How I spent September's PCV stiped

I started spending September’s living allowance the day we got paid in August. Albeit two trips to the office, purchasing lots of food, and lots of transport for Umhlanga, I still came in under budget. 71 more words

Peace Corps


When I said goodbye to the women’s group that I work with, they gave me the most beautiful and thoughtful gift. This grass mat, woven by my friend and local grandmother ‘M’e Maletuka, has miniature versions of traditional Basotho objects hanging from it. 192 more words