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Wednesday photo: Delayed mail

Every so often it takes four to six months for a letter to arrive from the U.S. in my mailbox.

I had a delayed package a year-and-a-half ago. 107 more words

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360 Minutes of Absolutely Avoidable Anxiety

I am sitting at my desk in the staff room with a fresh mandazi and a cup of tea so hot that it is, without doubt, inappropriate given the soaring temperatures outside. 1,284 more words


Swearing-in (& a bit more)

September 12, 2018

Hello dear friends, family, and strangers who stumbled upon this blog!

I am so sorry it has been over a month since my last post. 1,235 more words

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Wednesday photo: Dehorned rhino

South Africa has been dehorning rhinos to keep the animal alive. This post isn’t a discussion of whether this is the right solution to stop poaching. 49 more words

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Flora and Fauna Symphonies

It’s truly a miracle that I’ve endured this week and all of its unwelcome rollercoasters. Starting with disastrous curry that had me down and out for three days to enduring seemingly never-ending waves of homesickness, I have finally come out on the other side. 1,404 more words


Service Week Twelve [All Corners of the Fishbowl]

Me, at the end of Week 12:

One-sentence summary: Nico (host grand-nephew) left Funky Farm South to resume living with his parents in Tarma; José (youngest host brother) (aka golden child) is home for two weeks vacation; I unhappily wore a traditional German colonist dress to present awards on stage – you know, cultural appropriated immersion; asked to judge an entrepreneurial youth contest / and was stood-up to judge the contest #nilda; blindly learning the local municipal government system of delivering informes (official work reports to socios); and realizing how unreliable a narrator my brain can be in any language.

2,478 more words
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Sometimes I Feel Like Beyoncé

My city and I have a tumultuous past. My resentment for her bubbles up when I see her listed amongst the most highly segregated cities in the United States and simmers down when I’m nostalgic over the hours of care I put into her communities, planting trees and facilitating workshops and volunteering. 976 more words