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If you want to know what it’s like to be famous, join Peace Corps. I’ve been living at site for over a month, and still, I am always a source of entertainment to the villagers. 797 more words

Burkina Faso

The Hidden Temples of Banteay Chhmar

I would post some more pictures of the Banteay Chhmar Temple for the second post on the Loy Men Ten page because the temple is super cool, but I’ve spotlighted the main temple enough on this blog so far. 718 more words

Blue Death

Before you say anything I realise the title of this post sounds like some bad, angsty, adolescent poetry. I promise I’m not about to recite Sylvia Plath or allude to cutting myself to see the pain. 623 more words

PCV Life

How I Beat the Heat

It has been 100 degrees every single day this week. With no AC in sight I do not stop sweating profusely until the sun goes down. 401 more words

Traveling Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, and Kep, Cambodia

After three amazing weeks of traveling around Southeast-Asia with Shreya, I’m finally settled back into the village life, where nothing has changed but the weather. It has to be over 100 degrees outside, and even hotter inside the house (so it seems), which is really making me miss the cool, seaside breezes of Koh Lanta and the afternoon thunderstorms in Bangkok, where the rains cool the air during the hottest month of the year. 1,299 more words

5 things you need to know about choosing a Peace Corps position

You’re applying to the Peace Corps? First of all, YAY for you! Second, did you know that you can now preview the details of upcoming assignments – including project descriptions, required skills, departure dates and more – on our website? 807 more words

Peace Corps

Salt, Sand, and Showers

During the first 3 months at site new volunteers are considered on lockdown. This means we are supposed to stay in our district and avoid spending nights away from our site. 809 more words