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Month 2 In Review

While in service, we want to keep track of our monthly activities, experiences, and impressions. Month two was the real meat-and-potatoes of our pre-service training. Without further ado… 1,423 more words

Peace Corps

Future Site Visit

About halfway through Pre-Service Training, our brains could no longer function in either Spanish or English and the thrill of Peace Corps service had diminished to a dull twinge of excitement instead of the screaming elation we all had when we met for the first time in Washington D.C. 1,588 more words


Mishimoto Catch Can Install and Review

Recently we picked up an Associate Sponsorship from Mishimoto. We’ve been a big fan of what Mishimoto has done in the automotive space; specializing in the intake, cooling, and oil control fields. 465 more words


7 Bulanan

Di usia 7 Bulan ini, Miza udah imunisasi ke-3 kalinya Hib, Rotavirus, dan PCV. Jadi, imunisasi dasar 6 bulan udah tamat semua. Tinggal nanti usia 9 bulan imunisasi campak, atau kalau tambahan usia 8 dan 10 bulan imunisasi influenza. 323 more words


200 Days 

I can not believe it has been 200 days since I stepped off the biggest plane I have ever been on and emerged into the crippling humidity that is Senegal in the rainy season. 676 more words


First Impressions: Men Interacting with Children

There’s this moment from Banda Aceh, Indonesia that I hold close to my heart even now, years later.

Picture a bustling outdoor café on a hot night. 829 more words

Peace Corps