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"A note to my fellow male PCVS" Guest Post by Michael Latady


As a PCV’s service comes to a close, there will come a time when he or she will want to look back on what was accomplished. 1,029 more words

On the Cold

The mornings are cold. The air bites your cheeks as you wake up and see it’s light out. You roll over, pull the covers over your head, curl your legs up to your chest. 833 more words


That Time I got Coined

I have been feeling absolutely exhausted these past couple of days. I have had an upset stomach for almost a week now and it is so hard to muster up the energy to do much in this heat. 267 more words

Info: Mobile Technology in Benin

Contrary of what you might think, Benin is relatively connected. The Internet is primarily available via mobile broadband — 3G in the bigger cities with speeds comprable to those in the United States. 1,136 more words

2 Years Living Poor

My perspective on living in a city in West Africa on a level of income I have not seen since I was a teenager.

Read on to discover how you can be happy with no money, the value of a dollar, and how you can be poor when you’re rich. 1,201 more words

Peace Corps

Corps de la Paix, The Final Countdown!

Here I sit in a pile of crazy gadgets, survival tools, protein bars and of course, candy – Two weeks to staging, 16 days to departure. 890 more words

Burkina Faso