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Assemblée Générale

I recently held an “Assemblée Générale” with the different agriculture groups in my village. As of now, I am working with six groups. Two groups are associated with gardening, another works with cotton, one works with rice and there are two women’s groups that work with green beans and soy. 333 more words

Burkina Faso

We have arrived!!

PCV Cambodia K9’s have arrived!!!!

Here is my local cell number for anyone who would like to call/text me 855-17-937-725. Check with your specific phone carrier on international fees. 88 more words

Now Playing at a theater near you...

Ever since January I would go over to my family’s house one night a week, we’d eat nshima and then I’d put on a movie to watch. 540 more words

Peace Corps

Health Without Water

Health Without Water.

It can’t exist.

This is a fact that we all know. A woman from Gambia walked in the Paris marathon this year to show the lengths to which some people in the world have to go for potable water. 832 more words


The experience of home is a deep one, rooted in familiarity and experience. Finding a new home can be a daunting task, especially if one looks at it as a task at all; it is very hard to search for, and find, the feeling of a home. 395 more words

Peace Corps

Block by Block

A few months ago, in yet another Peace Corps twist, I was suddenly thrown into a project that I knew nothing about, had no plans on how to carry out, and with very little built-in support. 563 more words

The Current State of Customer Service

Below is a dead cert conversation happening at a restaurant in Burkina Faso right now:

Waitress: Vous-voulez quoi?

You: Y’a quoi aujourd’hui?

Waitress: Quoi?

You: Qu’est ce que vous avez… 50 more words

Burkina Faso