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On Being Asian American in Thailand

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month I wrote a an article for the official Peace Corps blog about my experiences being Asian American in Thailand. 199 more words

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10 ways to survive rainy season in Ethiopia

And it seems to have come a little early this year. Rainy season really isn’t fun, but if you come prepared, and are one of those people who like to make excuses to stay in your house every day, then it’s actually not that bad. 764 more words

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Long Hair Do Care

When you’re a PCV your body gets hit by tons of changes when you get in country. Whether it’s the food, your new environment, or the crazy stress levels you really put your body through the wringer. 291 more words

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Moroccan Mondays: Currency

The Peace Corps has three main goals, with the Third Goal focusing on bringing our host countries to our readership. With that being said, understanding my host country is exceedingly important to me, and one of my own goals is to bring a deeper understanding of everything Morocco to all of my readers. 540 more words

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