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The One with IST

Just last month our group hit the second major milestone of Peace Corps service: IST, or In-Service Training! During service, PCVs attend 3 trainings:

Pre-Service Training: First 3 months in-country… 704 more words

Popping the Bubble

The hundred of us Peace Corps trainees are spending a week in a suburb of Rabat until we move in with host families in our Culture Based Training sites. 490 more words


Packing for Peace Corps Swaziland: Clothing

Choosing what clothing I would bring to Swaziland was difficult. There are so many unknowns about the weather, clothing styles, and attitudes toward females wearing pants that depend on your family and/or your community. 1,715 more words



On September 15th 2016, my group of 13 TEFL trainees, swore in as Peace Corps Volunteers. After three months of intensive training, we can finally call ourselves PCVs! 1,074 more words


2 Rams, 3 Goats and 20 Loaves of Bread

When I was a kid in Sunday school we learned the old testament tale of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was very old and had no children, so when God blessed him with a son, Isaac, it was a true miracle. 2,556 more words


Entry #8: Moment of Truth

There’s a pretty common saying in the Peace Corps that goes: “The days are long, but the weeks are short, and the months are shorter”. The last few weeks of training definitely fell under a strange pocket of time, with each day passing by inches. 1,198 more words

Update: Officially a Peace Corps Volunteer!

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up too the past couple of weeks, here’s a brief synopsis: Saying good bye to my host family in Morong, traveling to Manila, missing out on a tour of the Peace Corps office to get my teeth cleaned, and of course Swearing-In as a Peace Corps Volunteer! 1,087 more words