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Happy Happy Birthday!

I’ve just returned from spending the week in Sihanoukville for the best day of the year: my birthday!

I’ve celebrated 2 birthdays so far in Cambodia and each of them have been super awesome. 193 more words

Their Faces, My Story

I didn’t change them. They inspired me.


New Favorite Snack- Grilled Eggs!

The lady who sells snacks  in my village started selling new snacks in anticipation of the new school year.

Currently, she sells: fried fish balls, fried hot dogs, fried crab meat and fertilized duck eggs. 166 more words

Finally photos.

So here are a handful of photos from the past few months. At the moment, I’ve taken 1227 photos so I obviously can’t post them all. 490 more words

Peace Corps


It was a bus ride from hell, which is kind of funny because at one point, a boy in the back of the bus stood up and yelled in Arabic, “This is the best bus in the whole world!” 1,170 more words

Peace Corps

Still Alive

I haven’t been very good about updating this thing but I’ll blame it on the lack of internet access for now. However, now I’m back in my ger at my permanent site with wifi and have lots to share. 860 more words

Peace Corps

Painting a Mural

A few months ago with the help of an NGO I planted 180 trees at my school. I decided to paint a mural at my school to go along with this project. 103 more words