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Let Girls Learn: Michelle Obama Visits Cambodia

This past weekend I attended a gender conference in Siem Reap, the second largest city in Cambodia. We learned about  Let Girls Learn, which is a newly launched initiative primarily led by the White House and the Peace Corps as well as other non-profit organizations.  304 more words

If there's a will, there's a way: Zambia Edition

The title is all the introduction this post needs…

My PCV neighbor, Leah, had planned a workshop for her gardening club to be led by my host dad, a very accomplished gardener who has integrated many techniques into his work that have combatted the effects climate change have had on agriculture here in Zambia, i.e. 869 more words

#HowISeePC Instagram Takeover: Fiji

ICYMI: Our Instagram was taken over by a ‪Peace Corps‬ Volunteer in ‪Fiji.  Trenton Mendenhall (Fiji, 2014-2016) showed us his country’s traditional food and dance, a celebration of National Fiji Day, and his adorable (and large!) host family. 469 more words


Na liqu cola e na higa nikua/ A day in my life

I wake up between 6 and 7

Then I make breakfast

Mmmm real coffee, oatmeal, and passion fruit from my tree outside.

Bucket Bath Time! 355 more words

Your Time Here is a Mandala

Yoga Jones: Do you know what a mandala is?
Piper Chapman: Um, those are those round Buddhist art things.
Yoga Jones: The Tibetan monks make then out of dark sand laid out into big beautiful designs. 167 more words

Challenges of Teaching in Secondary School

It’s week 10 of Term 1 at the secondary school I am placed at. I have been giving an exam based on the small amount I have been able to cover in my classes. 746 more words

A Beginner’s Guide The Fiji School System

When I first came to my secondary school I was all kinds of confused about which way was up, why things are done in this way and that, why are we praying every morning and at noon, what the difference between form 401 and 402 and where does that put year 10 A, and what are prefects and what do they do? 1,170 more words