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Ready! Set! .... Wait did I forget to pack that?

After 10 months of applications, clearances, clinic visits, and stressed induced eating, I’m leaving for Panama in less than a week! Having started this process so long ago, the idea of leaving to do the Peace Corps has always felt like a far off dream. 861 more words



Michael Marano, 129 TCCS

“There’s nothing left… Just love. That’s all there is. Love.” *

When I heard that it was my dad who said those words I was at first alarmed. 1,200 more words


Pick an end, any end

With perfect timing, we arrived at hospital about 10 minutes before shift change, so had to wait whilst everything was handed over to the one Registrar who’d be in charge of four cancer wards for the night, poor kid. 1,609 more words

Brain Tumour

In A Different Life + Signed Book Giveaway

By Rebecca Zornow

In a different life, I lived at a rural school with the birds and the honey badgers. I spent my days operating a library and teaching art to students who had never reached beyond doodling before.

916 more words
Book Like The Pros

How I spent January's living allowance

The answer to this question is easy: on vacation. I reflected some of those costs here, but in truth, I easily spent the entire allowance on my trip. 26 more words

Peace Corps

Caring for Yourself: Nutrition

Editior’s Note

McKenzie Paterson is a 129 TCCS Volunteer in Kanchanaburi. She is a health and fitness enthusiast, and she has graciously agreed to contribute a three-part article! 1,044 more words