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When I said goodbye to the women’s group that I work with, they gave me the most beautiful and thoughtful gift. This grass mat, woven by my friend and local grandmother ‘M’e Maletuka, has miniature versions of traditional Basotho objects hanging from it. 192 more words

Wednesday photo: Umtsimba dancing

A few months ago I participated in my first Swazi wedding. The bride had already been teka-ed and lobola was finally paid. The bride was my make’s elder sister, and I am guessing it had been 40 years since her teka. 33 more words

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A traditional wedding, part one: The teka

Making the bride cry tears of sadness because she is leaving her home and becoming part of another family is an integral part to first large segment of a traditional wedding. 663 more words

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A Girl's-eye View

Living with my little friend Hawa has been one of the best things about my two years in Danfili. When we first met she was shy and didn’t speak to me very much. 420 more words

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Embracing Swazi culture

In the two months that have passed since the end of Umhlanga, I have met so many astonished and proud Swazis and Zulus. People are still telling me that they saw me dancing and everyone is impressed. 467 more words

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A funny story about my vomit

This was my second round of vomiting since moving to Swaziland. Both lack explanation and both were incredibly misery-inducing. The first round was during PST, and I had to participate in a presentation while trying not to vomit on my fellow PCTs. 435 more words

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Ok so I guess it’s not hard to see, I’m not too good at this whole ~blog~ thing. But in my defense, things have been super busy here! 1,660 more words