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Rainbow Road to Perdition

On Thursday, I was uncharacteristically up and out at the crack of dawn* to go to Jennifer’s school’s 717 more words

Health Updates

Gratitude for the last 25 months

This is the last weekend on my homestead and it is surreal. I can’t imagine my life after here. I can’t imagine not having all of my belongings nearly within arm’s reach. 627 more words

Peace Corps

So much fabric leads to so many new clothes

I’ve been seeing other PCV posts on their locally-made fashions, and knew I wanted to do the same. Then PSIN asked for photos to share with G16, and my bhuti was looking for some money to buy a pizza, so I asked him to take photos of me in all the clothes I have had made here. 311 more words

Peace Corps

Living allowance: May

May is a rough month. I saved money during the first half while working at GLOW camp and with attending COS conference, except that I had an expensive dress made for COS (it was worth it, though!). 42 more words

Peace Corps

Living allowance: April

I spent a lot on transport and lodging, along with fabric and one of my tailors during the month of April. I managed to keep the other areas in check and not go too far over.

Peace Corps

What Even Is Right Or Wrong?

I only have about month left in this country that has welcomed me and become my home for the past two years.

When I look at the new trainees, I can see how truly far I’ve come. 641 more words

Gratitude, even when crying

Explaining my life here is hard. I have three weeks left in my community, I am crazy busy, and packing is stressful. In short, I am a mess. 1,678 more words

Peace Corps