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5 Ws: Trajectory of EdTech Love

Lately I’ve been chatting about edtech with Dai Barnes (check out the TIDE podcast he hosts with Doug Belshaw). In discussing how to get teachers (or anyone in any organization for that matter) … 848 more words

SORT – Reformat Packed Decimal (PD)

Sometimes there is a scenario where you have a Packed Decimal (COMP 3) PD field with definition of S9(8)V99 COMP-3 which needs to be reformatted as S9(10)V99 COMP-3. 69 more words


Keith & Kidney Transplant

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not Keith is on the kidney transplant list. The short answer? No. The long answer is a little more complicated. 399 more words

Peritoneal Dialysis

Il PD e la crisi esistenziale della sinistra

In “Renzi e il PD sconfitti dal Renzismo” avevamo evidenziato la spaccatura al’interno del PD. Da una parte il Renzismo che si rifá ad una concenzione leaderistica della politica dove il partito é a servizio del leader, e dall’altra parte l’idea cara alla sinistra dove il leader é solo un funzionario del partito. 1,979 more words


Il Socialismo Democratico nell'Era della Post-Verità

La guerra alle Fake-News è la prima vera guerra alla quale assistiamo tra populismo e socialismo su scala Globale. Essa, qualora trionfassero i populismi, si concluderà con il livellamento di tutte le notizie su un livello di falsità. 7,783 more words

Italy's Renzi triggers party leadership contest


© AFP/File / by Ella IDE | Italy’s former prime minister Matteo Renzi faces a fierce showdown with his rivals\

ROME (AFP) – Italy’s ex-prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned as head of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on Sunday, triggering a leadership battle as the country’s ruling party grapples with the threat of a split.Renzi, who stepped down in December after losing a key referendum, said he would run to win back his post as party secretary, which would put him in pole position to become prime minister once more should the PD win approaching national elections. 525 more words

Parkinson's - the unwanted extra part

My life is made up of different parts – there’s home life, work, friends, choir, Start Living Today PD and of course there’s Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is like that extra, unwanted part of my life – that is always there and isn’t going away. 295 more words